Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: RealTime Control in Industrial IoT
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Internet of things (IoT) is a relatively new concept in which all embedded devices can be connected and interacting through internet. IoT has gained popularity fast in the recent years and it is expected that by 2020 there will be 2030 billion internet connected devices of different kind. This has lead to the development of
smart homes, smart cars, smart cities, etc. A world of connected devices also include industrial systems and therefore considerable efforts are made in the area of Internet of Things also within industry industrial IoT or Industrial Internet.
The industrial systems consist of numerous devices and their interactions. Each of this device has a certain level of intelligence and industries are now interested in applying IoT to move some of the intelligence to the cloud. Having a cloud outside the system for computation is beneficial for its scalability as well as its cost and computing efficiency. This also makes the system more flexible for later changes, upgrades, error detection, fixing and recovery. However, these systems are typically realtime
systems which means that the devices need to respond within a certain predictable time frame. Because of this constraint, parts of the system cannot be moved to the cloud, since internet is not optimized for making the latencies predictable.

The thesis focus is on research about realtime systems in the context of Industrial IoT. In an IoT enabled industrial control system, parts of the control system (software) could reside ofpremises, e.g., served through remote cloud computing. Challenges with integrating internet based cloud solutions in the realtime
systems include; the potentially long latencies introduced, the increased jitter, and the reduced reliability.
This means that not every aspect of the industrial system could be moved to the cloud and that delayed responses must be predicted and handled.
Company: ABB Corporate Research, kontaktperson: Kristian Sandström
Prel. end date: 2015-06-07
Presentation date: 2015-06-04
Student: Alma Didic
Student: Pavlos Nikolaidis
IDT supervisor: Saad Mubeen, +4621103191
Examinator: Moris Behnam
Moris Behnam, 021-107094

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