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Title: Mobile Interaction with Safety Critical Systems: A feasibility study
Level: Advanced
Description: Embedded systems exists everywhere around us and the number of applications seems to be ever growing. They are found in electrical devices from coffee machines to aircrafts. The common denominator is that they are designed for the specific purpose of the application. Some of them are used in safety critical systems where it is crucial that they operate correct and as intended in order to avoid accidents that can harm humans or properties. Meanwhile, general purpose Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) devices that can be found in the retail store, such as smartphones and tablets, has become a natural part of everyday life in the society. New applications are developed every day that improves everyday living, but numerous are also coupled to specific devices in order to control its functionality. Interaction between embedded systems and the flexible devices do however not come without issues. Security, safety and ethical aspects are some of the issues that should be considered.

In this thesis, a case study was performed to investigate the feasibility of using mobile COTS products in interaction with safety critical systems with respect to functional safety. Six user scenarios were identified for investigation, which could be of interest for industrial applications; The operator presented live machine data, The operator controlling the machine remotely, The service technician using mobile device in maintenance, service technician reading machine logs from the office, the production manager analyzing machine productivity logs from the office and the software manager uploading software. Restrictions in the functional safety standard, IEC 61508, and the characteristics of COTS devices, leads to the conclusion that real time interaction with safety systems is not allowed if the certification is to be preserved. Extracting information used to analyze the system where data is only sent from the machine would be allowed. All scenarios where the machine sends data to the user, and the data is only used as information, are hence allowed if isolation properties are guaranteed. A prototype system was designed and parts of it were implemented to show how sending and logging information can be performed using the company developed communication platform Data Engine.
Company: Maximatecc, kontaktperson: Markus Wallmyr
Prel. end date: 2015-06-07
Presentation date: 2015-11-13
Student: Erik Jonsson
IDT supervisor: Adnan Causevic, 021-101689
Examinator: Johan Åkerberg
Johan Åkerberg, +46-21-345143

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