Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Security and Privacy challenges in Ambient Assisted Living
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Basic or Advanced (contact supervisor)
Description: In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid surge in assisted living technologies due to a rapidly aging society. The aging population imposes many threats to society like the increased cost of formal health care, the increased number of diseases, the lack of care givers are some examples to cite. All these motivate the development of innovative-assisted living technologies for safe and independent aging. CAMI project is aimed at developing an ambient assisted living framework to support elderly adults. It provides different functionalities like health care monitoring, generation of fall alarm, communication with care givers and doctors, providing supervised physical exercises, acting like friendly collaborator giving reminders and suggestions, smart home environment management etc.

In this thesis, you will concentrate on the security and privacy issues in In CAMI. We need to measure multitude of health data which are private and we need to transmit this data, to caregivers for instance. Hence the security and privacy of the system is given high importance. As part of this thesis, you will investigate the different types of security challenges with respect to CAMI system. For example, we should ensure that the data is not accessible by any external third parties who are not registered in the system and also that data is transmitted in the right format with minimal error. We try to come up with different scenarios including the challenging security threats and propose a worthy solution to overcome those. The thesis also requires you to implement a system where security and privacy of medical data is ensured.

As part of the thesis, you are required to develop a client sever architecture model where the clients are your elderly people and health professionals. For each of the elderly person in the system , there is an associated health professional. The information pertaining to an elderly adult should only reach the intended care giver and even if a third party over hears or tries to interpret this information , this should not be possible. For this purpose , we need to identify proper encryption method for medical data. We plan to use a combination of AES and PAKE protocols for encrypted data exchange and SHA hashing for ensuring data integrity.Also, the system should not allow any unauthorised access from external people who is not registered. This is accomplished by server refusing the connection from any other clients other than the ones registered within the system. We plan to use the ECG data available in Physionet DB . Also,sockets are used as communication points between clients and server.
Prerequisites: Knowledge on Network Programming , Security protocols, C programming
IDT supervisor:
Examinator: Cristina Seceleanu
Cristina Seceleanu, +46-21-151764

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