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Title: Real-Time Challenges of Vehicular Embedded Systems on Multi-Core - A Mapping Study
Level: Advanced
Description: Introduction
In the automotive domain, a cost-e ffective software development is paramount as the largest share of vehicle's innovation comes from distributed embedded systems. In fact, the complexity of vehicular embedded software has increased from the few hundreds lines of code of the late 1970s to the 200-300 million lines of code running on modern vehicles. However, size is only one dimension of their complexity. Computational power, for instance, is nowadays a key requirement for the development of vehicular systems as new vehicular features employ data-intensive sensors and complex coordination. On the one hand, only multi-core platforms can deliver such a computational power. On the other hand, surveys showed that multi-core software projects can have up to 25% longer schedules and can be 4,5 times more expensive due to new and unresolved development issues.
In this context, model-driven engineering (MDE) and model-based techniques have been proved effective in reducing the accidental complexity of software projects thus aiding their software development.

The goal of this thesis is to investigate the usage of MDE and model-based techniques in the software development of vehicular embedded systems on multi-core. A mapping study is considered for the methodology of this thesis, meaning a systematic survey of scientific literature in the area to establish the key challenges addressed, the type of solutions proposed, how results are validated, etc., in order to get a comprehensive picture of existing research in the area.
Prel. end date: 2017-06-16
Presentation date: 2017-06-01
Student: Shankar Iver
IDT supervisor: Alessio Bucaioni
Examinator: Mikael Sjödin
Mikael Sjödin, +46 70 288 2829

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