Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Development of a Common Architecture in the Context of Safety Critical Product Lines
Level: Advanced
Description: Description:
The goal of this thesis is to collect information on how the E/E architectures are described for different products in industry today.
Based on the requirements of the standard, the Master student shall apply model-based engineering (UML, SYSML, and similar) and propose how an architecture should be described to close the gaps.

Tasks included:
1. Studying how the E/E Architecture is described in industry today.
2. Studying what standards propose ISO 42010 (Systems and software engineering – Architecture description)
3. Getting familiar with functional safety work related to the architecture phase
4. Building upon the efforts made for variability management and how this relates to developing an architecture
5. Getting familiar with Enterprise Architect or similar for modeling in UML, SYSML
6. Investigate how to model an E/E Architecture under consideration of the learned
7. Providing a case study

Required outcome:
• An analysis of best practices in industry and identifying how to fill gaps related to the standard requirements
• An approach to model the architecture and to highlight common parts
• Applying the proposed approach to an industrial case
• Evaluating the approach based on predefined criteria

Company: Volvo Construction Equipment, kontaktperson: Stephan Baumgart
Proposed: 2016-10-04
IDT supervisor: Stephan Baumgart
Examinator: Sasikumar Punnekkat
Sasikumar Punnekkat, +46-21-107324
Misc: References to start with: [1] ISO 26262. Road vehicles – Functional safety. International Standard, November 2011. [2] ISO 42010 Systems and software Engineering – Architecture description [3] Product Line related publication

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