Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Efficient Testing of Product Variability within a Continuous Integration Process
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Introduction:
Very often software-intensive systems have variations in its intended usage by the end-customers and thus these systems have to be thoroughly tested in each configuration prior to the release. This activity is often performed manually at the point when the software build is stable enough, but always with a risk that it must be re-tested again in case a new update is deployed for the software.

Problem Formulation:
For organisations utilising Continuous Integration (CI) process it could be very beneficial to integrate in it an automated testing of product configurations. However, two questions arise in such a scenario:
(i) is it a feasible activity to incorporate testing of product configurations in the CI process without jeopardising hourly/daily builds?
(ii) do we actually gain on the overall product delivery efficiency by doing such an integration?

Planned activities within the thesis work:
This thesis will be conducted with researchers from Software Testing Laboratory (STL) at MDH. However, there is an optional possibility to utilise Bombardier Transportation artefacts in order to perform an industrial case study.

- State of the art in product variability testing.
- State of the practice in using pairwise and T-wise methods to test product variability.
- Method for efficient product configuration testing as integrated part of continuous integration product delivery
- Use case results of applying the above mentioned method in industry/open source
- [Optional] proof-of-concept implementation within the Jenkins CI
Start date: 2017-01-16
Student: Antonio Anicic
Prerequisites: Passed course on Software Testing (CDT414)
IDT supervisor: Adnan Causevic, 021-101689
Examinator: Daniel Sundmark
Daniel Sundmark, +46-21-103145

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