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Title: Implementing an ALF/UML to ALF/SWEET translator
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: The “Action Language for Foundational UML” (ALF/UML) is used  as a textual notation to define UML actions within UML structural models according to the execution semantics defined in the "Semantics of a Foundational Subset for Executable UML Models" (fUML). It resembles an object-oriented language with conventional control constructs, basic data types, objects, and events, but is characterized by higher dynamicity and expressive power than common languages such as Java or C++.
While several model-based analysis mechanisms for UML exist, specific analysis for ALF/UML constructs has not been achieved yet; being able to assess specific properties of interest for ALF/UML constructs is pivotal to make the language applicable in practice. Such properties include the possible flows through the modeled action, like constraints on the number of times a loop can be iterated or mutual exclusivity constraints. The tool SWEET (SWEdish Execution Time tool), developed at MDH, can analyse code in order to find such constraints. SWEET analyses the intermediate code format ALF (Artist2 Language for Flow analysis, not to be mixed up with ALF/UML). SWEET can also analyse other languages, like C, by a translation into ALF.
The topic of this MSc project is to create and validate an ALF/UML-to-ALF/SWEET translator, which will enable the use of SWEET to analyse ALF/UML models with regard to possible flows. The work will be based on an earlier BSc thesis ( which identified the requirements on the translator and a suitable subset of ALF/UML to translate.
The main tasks are the following:
1. Implement the translator, and
2. Validate its functionality, possibly using some use cases from SAAB.
The translator might be restricted to the subset of ALF/UML for which a counterpart exist in ALF/SWEET. The exact target will be decided at project start.
The project can be done by one or two MSc students. The workload will be adjusted accordingly.
Prel. end date: 2017-06-01
Presentation date: 2017-06-01
Student: Jean Malm
Student: Jonas Skoog
IDT supervisor: Jan Gustafsson, +46-21-101462
Examinator: Björn Lisper
Björn Lisper, +46-21-151709
Misc: Experience from the described area is a great advantage.

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