Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: Testing of Industrial Control Software: A Systematic Mapping Study
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Basic or Advanced (contact supervisor)
Description: Industrial control software(ICS) is a group of systems used in the industrial and critical infrastructures sectors with the main purpose to provide control of safety related
hardware and software. Even though the amount of systems used is huge, this study will focus on the ICSs PLC, SCADA and DCS systems. These systems can be found integrated into chemical refineries, rail automation and large scale power plants just to mention a few. Software testing in such critical systems is very important to ensure quality and prevent faults. Therefore, this study presents a systematic mapping study on the area of software testing of ICS. This thesis answers the following questions: what is the current state of software testing on ICS? What reported challenges are there and what benefits and approaches can be found when testing ICS? The result of this thesis shows that there are some trends in the area leaning towards the presentation of new methods, models, processes and tools used to help in testing of this kind of systems. The challenges reported in the area are both difficult to solve and work around since quality of ICS is of utmost importance. The challenges are connected to the cost of testing on the target hardware, complications due to the real-time nature of the programs and their PLC cycle scan, difficulty to achieve high code coverage and discover faults in the hardware. Most of the approaches and benefits focused on ways to improve the efficiency of testing ICS. The results of this thesis can then be used as a base for other mapping studies or used to perform a systematic literature review.
IDT supervisors:
Eduard Paul Enoiu, +46-21-101624
Examinator: Daniel Sundmark
Daniel Sundmark, +46-21-103145

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