Bachelor and Master Theses

Title: A Systematic Mapping Study of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: Introduction
Nowadays, modern cars include technology to increase car safety and researchers are implementing more intelligent on-board systems that aim to anticipate accidents in order to avoid them or to mitigate their severity. These systems are referred to as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). ADAS are so varied and it is not always easy to see how some of them actually relate to safety. They are tweaked every year with different options. Since these systems have become an active research area to the rise in the popularity of automobiles over the last century, therefore, there is a need for scientific community and automobile industry contribution to develop different types of protection systems in order to improve traffic safety.

The goal of this thesis is providing a better understanding of ADAS from the current state of research. A systematic literature review is considered for the methodology of this thesis. The thesis work demands the following activities:
(1) Systematic literature review about ADAS; (2) Understanding the taxonomies target the ADAS, research types and research contributions; (3) Analyzing the obtained results and answering the research questions; (4) Writing the thesis; (5) Writing and publishing a scientific article based on the thesis (optional).
In particular the student could answer the following three main questions by doing this thesis. (1) What are the publication trends on ADAS? (2) What types of ADAS have been addressed in the studies? (3) Where is the gap in the current state of research on ADAS.

In General, better understanding of ADAS can pave the way for new business models where production facilities can be accessible as ADAS.

Student: Bahareh Agha Jafari Wolde
Prerequisites: (1) Knowledge of Systematic Literature Review (SLR) or Survey; (2) Knowledge of Advanced driver assistance systems
IDT supervisors:
Sara Abbaspour Asadollah
Examinator: Saad Mubeen
Saad Mubeen, +4621103191

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