Bachelor and Master Theses

Subject: Computer Science
Level: Advanced
Description: A proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID) is a control loop feedback mechanism
mostly applied in industrial control systems and many other applications requiring con-
tinuous control. It continuously calculates an error value e(t) as the di erence between
a desired setpoint and a measured process variable, and delivers a correction based on
proportional, integral, and derivative terms.
The NAIAD is an underwater robot maneuvering at a certain distance from the
of a river or a pool. The PID corresponding to the NAIAD is written in ADA and runs
on a Beagle Bone Black board which controls the positioning motors.
The Beagle Bone Black board (BBB) is an embedded system controlling the motors of
the NAIAD with the PID controller. The TIVA Series board TM4C129E having the same
functionality will replace the BBB. The new board will be analyzed on a quanti able level
showing how well the new PID controller works, and keep track of the problems that could
occur like obtaining a Jitter situation resulting in unsteadiness of the NAIAD movements.
The BBB communicates via ethernet with a LINUX based computer (ODROID) con-
stituting the brain of the NAIAD where the main computation and most of the mission
planning are applied. This communication is achieved by creating a Robot Operating Sys-
tem (ROS) node on the BBB since ROS is the operating system present on the ODROID.
The ADA code of the already existing PID controller will be translated to run on a
TIVA Series board TM4C129E (featuring an ARM processor) to replace it in the NAIAD.
For that purpose the new TIVA board has to be cope with ROS commands to communi-
cate with ODROID.
This work focuses on improving the already existing PID controller for better perfor-
mance of the NAIAD and applying software testing for validating the work.
Presentation date: 2018-05-31
Student: Ali Alexander Mokdad
Prerequisites: ADA, C++/C#
IDT supervisors:
Nils Muellner
     Lennie Carlén Eriksson
Examinator: Adnan Causevic
Adnan Causevic, 021-101689

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