Bachelor and Master Theses

2 The Thesis Process

Chapter 2
The Thesis Process


Figure 2.1: Overview of the thesis process.

As illustrated in Figure 2.1, the thesis process has three main phases: the initialisation phase, the working phase and the examination phase. The initialisation phase is a mandatory phase of preparation during which students must find the thesis topic they will be working on. The initialisation phase shall be completed by the start of the course instance. Upon approval of their application, students can start working on their thesis. The working phase always starts at the start of the course instance. During this phase, students are expected to drive the work forward in following their supervisor’s inputs. The last phase in the process is the examination phase. At a specified date (see Important Dates for the date), students shall submit the final version of their report for examination. A student can only participate in the presentation days immediately following the report submission date, only if (s)he has submitted a report for examination on time. Late submission will be evaluated at the subsequent examination period. The process ends when the student has been approved on all the examination parts and the final grade for the thesis is sent to Ladok.

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