Bachelor and Master Theses


1.1 Definition

A thesis is the final chapter of a student’s education. It is done so that students can:

  • Demonstrate that they can integrate the knowledge and competences they have acquired in the individual courses of the program.
  • Deepen their knowledge in a specific area of their field of study.
  • Have an insight on how it is to work within a company or research group.

A fundamental characteristics of a thesis is that it advances the body-of-knowledge by providing novel contributions. In other words, it proposes something that was not known before. To make a valuable contribution to the body-of-knowledge, it is important to adopt a scientific method which allows for reproducibility and thus verifiability of the facts. Therefore, in most cases, the main contribution of a thesis cannot be:

  • Only an implementation.
  • Completely predetermined from the start.
  • The use of techniques already known to solve to a given problem.

As any course, a thesis has learning objectives that describe what students should be able to achieve after successfully completing the course. These learning objectives can be summarized in the following 4 main categories:

  • Independence and pro-activity.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Scientific method (and engineering method when applicable).
  • Oral and writing presentation.

The exact details of the learning objectives for a given thesis course can be found in the corresponding course plan (see Course Codes)

To attain these learning objectives, a thesis consists of several elements of equal importance:

  • A problem that must investigated.
  • A solution (or parts of the solution) to this problem.
  • A scientifically and logically argumented report.
  • A presentation.
  • An opposition (for theses at advanced level),

It is important to note that, although doing a thesis requires lot of work and commitment, having a good thesis (including a good report) is often a key factor to get a job at the end of education.

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