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Bachelor and Master Theses

Thesis Work in Computer Science, Electronics and Aeronautics

At the end of your education you are required to do a final thesis, either at Bachelor or Master level. It is encouraged to do the thesis at a company to get a feel for how it is to work "in the real world", but please make sure that IDT approves your thesis before you promise something to the company.

The thesis coordinator is Séverine Sentilles - reach her at exjobb_idt_v@mdh.se.
NOTE: Use this email address for ALL correspondence with the thesis coordinator. Do NOT use the direct staff mail address

Supervision hours

In the areas Computer Science, Electronics and Aeronautics, students have right to 16 hours supervision time for 15 hp thesis projects and 32 hours for 30 hp thesis projects. This time includes also answering e-mails, etc., so not only scheduled meetings. The examiner has 4 hours for examination.

Bachelor level

  • Aeronautics: FLA302, 15 hp (former MFL001)
  • Computer Science: DVA331, 15 hp (former CDT307)
  • Network: DVA330, 15 hp

The thesis is required to be specified in a way that it clearly shows that the student has to analyse the problem and investigate/evaluate different models/methods suitable to solve the problem, this in order to motivate a choice/selection of a model/method. The thesis is not required to have research level.

Magister level (Master 1-year)

  • Computer Science: DVA429, 15 hp (former CDT503) and DVA430, 30 hp
  • Embedded Systems: DVA428, 15 hp (former DVA419)
  • Software Engineering: DVA423, 15 hp (former CDT503) and DVA424, 30 hp (former DVA415)

Master level (Master 2-years)

  • Computer Science: DVA504, 30 hp (former CDT504)
  • Embedded Systems: DVA503, 30 hp (former DVA407)
  • Software Engineering: DVA501, 30 hp (former CDT504)
  • Robotics: DVA502, 30 hp

The same requirements as Basic level with the difference that a Advanced level thesis is required to contain research level/research related methods and results. The students are to be familiar with the topic of the thesis in order to deepen their knowledge with what is done today by researchers within the topic.

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