Title: Generation of Mutants for Testing Execution Time
Subject: Computer science,Software engineering
Level: Advanced
Description: Targeted mutation is a paradigm for mutation testing of non-functional properties, where the mutations are focused to the parts of the code that are likely to have a significant impact on the property in question [1]. This methodology can be applied to Time analysis, arguing that the parts of the code that can affect the program flow provide the best mutation targets. These parts are easily identified by program slicing.

Expected Outcome: The students will investigate the combination of (i) Static Analysis – identifying the parts of the code with a strong influence on the execution time, and (ii) Mutation Testing – injecting changes in the identified parts of the code. The solution will be implemented as a part of a framework that basically explores the relationship between mutants and control flow.

[1] B. Lisper, B. Lindström, P. Potena, M. Saadatmand, M. Bohlin: “Targeted Mutation: Efficient Mutation Analysis for Testing Non-Functional Properties”, ICST Workshops 2017: 65-68. http://www.es.mdh.se/pdf_publications/4660.pdf

This thesis is defined as part of the TOCSYC project that is a five-year collaboration project funded by the Knowledge Foundation. The project partners are Mälardalen University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, University of Skövde, Karlstad University, and SICS Swedish ICT AB.
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End date:
Prerequisites: * C programming skills and knowledge of software testing.
* Read more about the main idea of this thesis: http://www.es.mdh.se/pdf_publications/4660.pdf
IDT supervisors: Mehrdad Saadatmand
Examiner: Björn Lisper
Comments: The thesis may also be taken as a joint-work by 2 students.
Company contact: RISE SICS Västerås Pasqualina Potena pasqualina.potena@ri.se