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Applicant Information

The Erasmus Mundus IDEAS scholarship offers a unique opportunity for full-financed academic mobility for individuals from the IDEAS project's Asian partner countries. The project is part of the large-scale, EU-funded programme Erasmus Mundus Action 2.

Before you apply carefully study the items in the menu to the left to identify:

  1. Which Target Group you belong to.

  2. Which Mobility Group you are eligible to apply for.

  3. Which Positions per Target Group are available for each call of applications.

  4. Your desired Academic field of study or academic/administrative activity during the mobility period. Make sure that you have the requested eligibility for the course or programme you are applying for.

  5. Your desired Destination for the mobility period.

  6. Your desired Mobility Length.

Note: Scholarships are only available for mobility FROM Asia TO Europe. However, it is even possible for scholars from EU Partner Institutions to apply for mobility to Asian Partner Institutions without scolarships. For more information on this possibility please turn to IDEAS contact person at respective EU Partner Institution.

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