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The overall objective of IDEAS project is to create a partnership in research and education that will strengthen the ties between Europe and Asia, with a special focus on innovation and product realization in a global context.

The project will establish a mobility network between Europe and Asia, to exchange excellence in research and education in several relevant disciplines, such as innovation, design, engineering and environmental science. It will expand the experience of European partners in student and staff exchange to the partner institution in Asia, and thus disseminate good practices with regard to organization and mobility.

Furthermore, IDEAS will facilitate the mobility of students and academic staff through a scholarships scheme and exchange ideas, views, best practices and know-how among the partners. Although the funding of this specific Lot is only for mobility from Asia to EU, we will strive to implement the mobility in both directions.

The project aims not only to promote higher education but also to facilitate mutual enrichment and better understanding of partner nations from Europe and Asia. It will establish sustainable and fruitful collaborations, which will be valuable for the universities and the wider community. Our complementary competences will provide synergies essential for the progress and mutual benefit of the targeted Asian countries and the European partners.

Finally, the project will also provide the long-lasting value to the individuals involved, who will benefit from a study/research period abroad. This will contribute to develop a pool of well qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young women/men as future leaders.

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