Software Engineering, 10 poäng, vårtermin 2001

Exeminator: Ivica Crnkovic

Latest news:  Exam - 2001-06-12 - a solution proposal


The final grade is the result of the examination and the project ( (number of points from the examination + number of points from the project)/2 ) . If you are missing 1 point for a better grade (i.e. in the final score you have 33 or 27 points) you may improve your grade by doing a homework (ca 1 day work).  If you are interested in that, contact me by a mail (Ivica).
NOTE: The final grade is rounded (i.e. 26.5 makes it 27).

Project and labsupervisors:

Guest speakers:

  Detailed list of the chapters that you should ABSOLUTELY read

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