WinCvs and Cvs file structure

This text gives a short instruction how the configuration of the file structure and WinCvs will be in the projects (for instructions how to use WinCvs see documentation at the WinCvs homepage). For any news according to the cvs, see the faq on this page. It is possible to use WinCVS from you home computer (if you have an internet connection of course).

NEWS & FAC: How to run WinCvs: File structure:

Each group's file structure is organized in the following way (below the group root, which is 'gr666' if you for instance are group 666):


The reason for this uniform structure for each group, is that is much easier for us to verify that you are using the version control properly if all groups have the same structure. Please follow this structure when you save files on the cvs. It should be obvious which kinds of files that are to be stored in each directory. You are of course allowed to create sub-structures below these directories.

The best way is to checkout the root directory 'project' and use a exactly copy of the struture on your local directory. (Notice that, if you checkout an empty directory in WinCvs, you do not see the directory in the browser).