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The final grade is the result of the examination and the project ( (number of points from the examination + number of points from the project)/2 ) . If you are missing 1 point for a better grade (i.e. in the final score you have 33 or 27 points) you may improve your grade by doing a homework (ca 1 day work).  If you are interested in that, contact me by a mail      (Ivica).
NOTE: The final grade is rounded (i.e. 26.5 makes it 27).

2001-06-08Final project grades have been decided (see below). The maximum grade in each category is 10, and the presentation and customer grades are halved when calculating the final grade. Information about what aspects have been considered in each category can be found on the information page.

Many thanks for making this a fun course. Also, to those that it concerns, good luck on the exam.

Steering Group


Group 12 34 56
Name Alpha CASS Project Platypus Clouseau C.K.H.H. The Cleaners
Project Manager Kaidur Roth Pernilla Eklund Kristina Olsson Jouni Axelsson Inger Bolin Denis Kulenovic
Members Karin Hjort Johnson
Kaj Hänninen
Jakob Mandery
Johan Marmol
Anna Martinussen
Nina Mykkänen
Anna-Karin Nordekvist
Kaidur Roth
Adil Al-Wandi
Jonas Berglin
Pernilla Eklund
Susanne Gladén
Stefan Gustafsson
Caroline Nyholm
Tommy Olsson
Kent Sollerman
Conny Gyllendahl
Vanesa Kajtaz
Mikael Miettunen
Kristina Olsson
Krister Petersen
Joakim Petersson
Åza Sjöqvist
Erki Suurjaak
Jouni Axelsson
Jan Jonsson
Marina Kostenko
Johan Karlsson
John Karlsson
Patrik Lunkenheimer
Mina Sayadi
Michael Sievert
Inger Bolin
Maria Borg
Fredrik Eriksson
Hans-Göran Gustafsson
Robert Hagenström
Kristofer Nordmark
Helena Rosenmill
Ezra Sheppard
Sofia Österman
Stefan Andersson
Kitty Dahl
Mats Eriksson
Per-Erik Hinderson
Denis Kulenovic
Irén Olah
Annika Olsson
Fredrik Tiveau
Rickard Tuominen
Tech. doc. 697678
Project work 8107788
Software 8109787
Presentations 976868
Customer opinion 598886
Final Grade 293730283030