Software Engineering, 10 credits (15 ETCS), spring 2005

Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic

News: 2005-09-19 Results for the projects added, see Projects page.


10:30- 11:15 - Group 1
11:15-12:00 - Group 2
12:00-13:00 LUNCH
13:00-13:30 - Group 5
13:30-14:00 - Group 6
14:00-14:30 - Group 5 & 6 Demo
14:30-15:00 - Coffee break
15:00-15:30 - Group 3
15:30-16:00 - Group 4
16:00-16:30 - Group 3 & 4 Demo

Each group should present:

1) The results – you should present things like:

  - Which milestones were met, which were missed? Why?

  - Which deliverables did you deliver, how timely were they?

  - Describe the overall features of the system. How many (and which) requirements are fulfilled?

2) The project – you should present things like:

  - How did the project progress? How much of the initial plan held – how did you manage changes along the way, e.g. how and when did you decide which features should be omitted?

  - Did you spend less time than you wanted on any particular activity (e.g. testing)?

  - Did you divide the work in a proper way? What are your experiences?

  - What is your experience from working in a group? What were the problems (please do not be too detailed or personal)?

3) Result demonstration (if possible together with another group). This means showing the executing program, describing all features in a pedagogical and convincing way. Of course, you should try beforehand exactly the operations you will show, to avoid embarrassing situations (the “demo ghost”). Contact Johan and/or Frank to install your software prior to the seminar (you can of course also use your own laptop if you have one).


Project and lab supervisors:

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