Mälardalen University, Department of Computer Engineering

Software Engineering course, 10 points


Course code: CD5360
Program:       Computer Science
Level:           C


The course gives an insight in the development processes, methods and technologies in large projects.


The course consists of two parts:

Theory and a practical work.

The theoretical part consists of lectures and exercises which comprise main disciplines within software engineering:

Life cycle planning models, requirement specification process, design, implementation, test, quality assurance, project management, reverse engineering, component based engineering, etc.

The practical part is carried out as a development project. Several projects will be defined. Every project group develops a software system or an application. A development project consists of the following phases: Requirement specification, design, implementation, verification and a presentation of the result. The real systems required from industry will be developed. In some cases it can happen that a specific language or a tool must be used (such as C++ or Visual Basic), as well as a specific platform (such as Windows NT or Unix). In such cases an introduction to these tools/technologies can be given.



The following courses must be passed or a corresponding knowledge must be obtain in another way:

Programming in C (5 points)
Data structure and algorithms (5 points)
Object oriented programming with C++ or Java (5 points)

In addition to these courses the student must have at least 10 points from computer engineering or computer science courses from B-level which show experience with programming and ability to work with  new techniques and new programming languages.


Written examination - 4 points

exercises - 1 point

project work - 5 points


3, 4 or 5.