CD5480 - Component Technologies Graduate Course, 5 credits (7.5 ETCS),

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Component technologies define techniques and standards for building software components or systems from components.
Component-based development is an upcoming trend in within industry, office automation, web-based application, etc.
Component-based software engineering is a hot topic within research and education.
The course includes introductionary lectures on the most established technologies today( COM/DCOM, CORBA, JavaBeans and emerging .NET, EJB, CCM (Corba Component Model)) and some hands on training on .NET, COM and EJB.

The goal of the course is to :

The course consists of lessions and assignments,  After the series of  introductory lectures, you will study a specific component model and write reports about specific part of that component model. Finally you will design a distributed application using the .NET technology. Number of places is limited.

The following assignments are included:

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