Examinator: Ivica Crnkovic,

Assignment 1 - Using Component Technologies Labs(2 Students)
       Do the labs (EJB, COM and .NET).  You will find them under the Lectures & Labs tag.
       The lab-room U2-023 will be prepared to support these labs from 2004-11-09

       NOTE! Each member of the lab-group should zip the result and upload it to the corresponding assignment in WebCT.
       Also upload a text file with a list of participants in your group(since we will recieve multiple copies of your work)

 Assignment 2 - Technical Report(2 students)
      Choose from the following list of topics and mail to latest 2004-11-11 .
      See lecture and Labs\Course Overview and Assignments
      for details on the report assignment.

  1. Language Support (How it is achieved and which languages ).
  2. Interoperability with other technologies (e.g .NET vs COM).
  3. .NET on Linux (What are the limits, benefits, which implementations exist etc).
  4. Runtime Handling of Objects.
  5. Communication between objects on different nodes.
  6. Component Specification.
  7. Component Deployment (Plug in)
  8. Handling large amount of data (e.g. Database access)
  9. Transaction handling.
  10. Maintaining Security.
  11. Real Time Component Models (Why not .NET, what extra is needed, can we add such features to .NET).      

  Here is a template for the report that SHALL be used Report template

 Assignment 3 - Review of 2 reports  (Individual work)

    This is the template that SHALL be used :  Review template

 Assignment 4 - Project (Group work 4 students)
      This assignment is divided in the following sub parts:

        Presentation template

        Final project report template


 Ivica Crnkovic,

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