Distributed Software Development  2015
CDT402, 7.5 ETCS


Teaching staff at MDH:
Federico Ciccozzi (course responsible at MDH)
Juraj Feljan
Omar Jaradat

Teaching staff at FER:
Mario Zagar
Igor Cavrak
Ivana Bosnic
Marin Orlic

Teaching staff at POLIMI:
Raffaela Mirandola
Elisabetta Di Nitto

The course is performing jointly at

Common Working DSD Course Page



SCORE 2011 - Two DSD teams in the final

Two DSD teams participate din the final SCORE competition at ISCE 2012 in Hawaii. In total 64 teams particiapte din the competitiom !8 reach the seminfinal, 3 of them from DSD.

On the picture from left to right: First row: Mario Zagar, Ivica Crnkovic, Igor Cavrak, Marin Orlic.

Second row: Thomas Leveque, Josip Petric, Augustin Petrovic, Manish Kungwani, Omar Jaradat


SCORE 2009 - DSD is the winner!

The "overall winner" award goes to: Nikola Tankovic, Sonja Milicic, Danijel Zovic (students at the University of Zagreb in Croatia), Gianluigi Ciambriello, Savino Ordine, and Zafar Bhatti Ahmad (students at Mälardalen University in Sweden) worked on the project BTW: if you go, my advice to you.

See interview with Gianluigi Ciambriello

Three projects of six participated in the final.

The SCORE winning Cup. The finalists at ICSE 2009, Vancouver. From left to right. First row: Gianluigi Ciambriello (UDA-GSEEM), Nikola Tankovic (FER), Avijit Dutta (MDH). Second row: Rikard Land(MDH), Ivica Crnkovic (MDH),  Elif Akan (BU), Tin Tvrtkovic (FER), Federico Ciccozzi (UDA-GSEEM), Jenis Kavadiya (MDH)

 Course Purpose

The course will give students insight in complexity of distributed software development. The students will be trained to work in
distributed teams and will us technology for development of distributed software applications. The Contents The course will include
studies of technologies an tools used in distributed development environment and for building distributed software applications.

The course include the following topics:


The lessons will include introductory lectures, the group work, writing reports, labs, and project work. After the introductory
sessions, the students will start a project work in distributed teams.

Course Methodology

The course will follow the traditional course structure consisting of theory and practice. The theoretical part will be in the form of
lectures and self-studies and aims at introducing students to the problems of development distribution and presenting them a
roadmap for the practical part of the course. The practical part will be the larger part, and will involve students in one or more
distributed projects. We will work with video conference systems, digital meetings and other forms of communication with the
internet as medium.

Required Qualification

At least 180  ECTS  points or corresponding, from which it should be at least 90 ECTS from computer science or computer
engineering or corresponding subjects. Knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming and at least one of OO languages
(such as Java or C++) is assumed.