CDT310 Foundations of Software Engineering, 15 credits, spring 2008 and

CDT311 Game Development - project course, 15 credits, spring 2008


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General Information and News

This course page is the home of two courses: CDT310 Foundations of Software Engineering and CDT311 Game Development - project course. Many course elements are common to both courses (exceptions are indicated on these pages and during lectures, and you are very welcome to ask your course responsible if anything is unclear).


Please monitor this page for news and changes in the course. The lab page contains a similar section with news about the labs. Sometimes, important information is given during lectures, lessons etc., but the most important information will be summarized here as well.


2008-06-02 Course evaluation. Please fill the anonymous course evaluation to give us feedback on the course.


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

Course Responsible and Examiner:




CDT310: Rikard Land


CDT311: Rikard Lindell






Rikard Land


Kristian Sandström


Guest Lecturers:



-          Fredrik Ekdahl, ABB Robotics

-          Johan Hasselberg, Westinghouse



Project and lab supervisors:




Frank Lüders (lab responsible)


Yue Lu


Farhang Nemati


Christer Sandberg (CDT311 project)


Old News

2008-05-03 Instructions about design presentation. (Sorry for late info – I have been sick.) Present whatever is suitable for your projects – it can be very different from project to project! Probably you should present:

·         Architectural design

·         Lower-level design - no time to cover all but select appropriate parts of static design (classes), database design, behaviour (sequence/state charts)

·         User interface

With motivations and discussions around (non-functional) requirements/consequences - like why are these things put on the same or different nodes (performance? availability? ...), any design choices to make it more extensible/portable/maintainable/…, what would happen with a different approach (better performance but worse maintenance?), etc...


2008-04-10 Apoplogy about bonus points. I was notified I had summed the bonus points from the homeworks erroneously. I am so sorry. I have now corrected them, and five students get more total points on the exam. If there is still any error please notify me. (The explanation – I am embarrassed to say – is that we use an Excel file where points are automatically summed, and I had programmed it so the wrong cell for homeworks was used… so much for a teacher in software engineering! :-) 


2008-04-08 Exams corrected. The exams are corrected and we are really impressed by your results! You can get your exams at the IDT reception. There was one common mistake made in assignment 4 (translating C++ code to a sequence diagram) which is discussed in the solution on the old exams page.


2008-04-08 Labs not submitted? There are some labs not submitted to the lab assistants, in some cases just by mistake? You can get no more bonus points, but for your own sake you should complete the labs before the course ends.


2008-03-27 Solution to the exam. The solution to assignment 4 (you remember, C++ to UML) is published on the old exams page.


2008-03-25 Project presentations changed. As announced during the last lectures, there are two occasions for project presentations during the course, and the final project presentation has been moved to Monday June 2nd, afternoon. See the schedule for more details.


2008-03-25 Good luck on the exam! From your teachers.


2008-03-15 Problems with StarUML. Apparently it can happen that some elements of a diagram (e.g. text on state transitions) become lost or invisible when you open the file with a slightly different version of StarUML or maybe only on another computer… if you feel you got completion on a lab because of this, contact the lab assistant who corrected your lab – you should of course have your bonus points.


2008-03-06 Rudimentary projects page created. Here it is.


2008-03-06 Clarification of homework 4. Homework 4 has been clarified.


2008-03-06 Don’t forget the homeworks! Deadline March 10th, can give you bonus points on the exam. See homeworks page.


2008-02-27 Clarification of bonus system. I have clarified the rules for bonus points on the labs on the overview page: to get the 0.5 bonus point, the lab has to submitted at latest on the deadline and be the first submission of the lab.


2008-02-26 Project presentations on March 3rd. During the lecture on Monday, the available projects will be presented by the customers. After that, you will be given time to think about which project you would like to join (but the teachers will finally decide who should belong to which group). Also start thinking about if you would like to be project leader for a group.


2008-02-22 Recruitment company visits the University. The recruitment company Skill will visit the university on Monday Feb 25th to make contacts with computer science/IT students. They will be in the main entrance 10-15.


2008-02-14 Interesting industrial seminar on Feb 20th 17:00. Westermo Research and Development AB visits MDH with the seminar “Robust Industrial Datacommunication Made Easy”. Free food, but limited seats. Mandatory registration to Lennart Lindh.


2008-02-11 Voluntary guest lecture today. As I said on last Friday’s lecture, there is a voluntary guest lecture with Henry Muccini, in R1-131 13:15-15:00 today, about Model-based Testing in Model Driven Development. See more details here.


2008-01-31 Homeworks added. The assignments and homeworks page is now up. It contains some suggestions for assignments you can make, including the voluntary homeworks which may give you bonus points for the exam.


2008-01-18 Course page under construction. Many links are broken, but don’t worry, information will be put here as the course progresses. Before course start, you may want to have a look at the page for literature and study instructions.


Rikard Land, last update: 02 June 2008