CDT310 Foundations of Software Engineering, 15 credits, autumn 2008 and

CDT311 Game Development - project course, 15 credits, autumn 2008

General Information and News

This course page is the home of two courses: CDT310 Foundations of Software Engineering and CDT311 Game Development - project course. Many course elements are common to both courses (exceptions are indicated on these pages and during lectures, and you are very welcome to ask your course responsible if anything is unclear).


Please monitor this page for news and changes in the course. The lab page contains a similar section with news about the labs, and the project page has a section with news about the projects. Sometimes, important information is given during lectures, lessons etc., but the most important information will be summarized here as well.


2009-03-18 Re-exam in August. There is a re-exam booked on 2009-08-18,  08:30-13:30. (This is not visible in the course schedule, so if you plan to do the re-exam, please look for more details at the reception or the big board on ground floor, closer to that date.)


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

Course Responsible and Examiner:




CDT310: Rikard Land


CDT311: Rikard Lindell






Rikard Land


Farhang Nemati (“lessons” in schedule)


Rikard Lindell


Guest Lecturers:



-          Stig Larsson, ABB Corporate Research

-          Pia Stoll, ABB Corporate Research

-          Premysl Brada, University of West
Bohemia, Czech Republic

-          Jukka Mäki-Turja, MdH

-          TBD



Project and lab supervisors:




Yue Lu


Farhang Nemati


Rikard Land


Rikard Lindell


Old News

2009-01-09 Please finalize all labs. If needed, discuss with the lab assistants to resolve any issues around already submitted labs, agree when you should submit the last completions, etc. (They will be polite and make an effort to correct all outstanding labs during January, but they are not obliged to correct immediately, or after that, or unreasonable many times... but you know that already.)


2009-01-09 Re-exam. The info about the re-exam is for some reason written in Swedish on another date. The exam is on Jan 13th 8:30-13:00, I hope the location is announced at the big board in the corridor close to the main reception at the ground floor.


2009-01-09 Post-final presentation. I have sent my notes from the presentations to the project leaders. You will get more feedback on the project with a motivation for the project grades later... (when the projects are graded ;-)


2009-01-08 Course evaluation. In order for us to improve the course, please fill the anonymous course evaluation.


2009-01-08 Schedule for final presentation (but each group can take as much time you need, we will not hurry):

13:15 Mindmap

14:00 SOD

14:45 WeRobot


2009-01-05 Final presentation. Don’t forget the final presentations on Thursday Jan 8th! Some instructions on the project page.


2008-11-25 Re-exam on Jan 13th. If you need to do the written exam there is an opportunity on jan 13th. Don’t forget to register in advance!


2008-11-25 Schedule for Tuesday’s presentations. See project page for details.


2008-11-06 Schedule updated. Schedule for steering group meetings and reqs/design presentations updated. See schedule and project page for details.


2008-11-04 Don’t forget to look at project-related news on the project page!


2008-10-14 Project groups formed. See the project page.


2008-10-14 Deadline for homework 6 extended. Submit before Thursday 10:00.


2008-10-09 More project info on the web. Basic info is on the project page. More info comes on the lectures.


2008-10-08 Mind map slides on the web. If you want to look again on one of the proposed project tasks: (More project info will be on the web and in the lectures during next week.)


2008-10-03 Need help with writing in English? You can get help with English writing, for example labs and the project documents (and other reports etc. in other courses). See Writing Center:


2008-10-03 Subversion version update. The subversion clients in the lab rooms will be updated, but since there are in practice no immediate problem this will be done in the week of the exam (Oct 20th-25th). (If you are only working in the labrooms you should have no problem, and if you have worked from your own computer you can continue doing that. If you see any problems with this please contact me.)


2008-10-03 Interesting presentation on Monday Oct 6th. We will have a visit to the department by a distinguished researcher who gives a seminar about AADL (Architecture Analysis & Design Language) on Monday Oct 6th 10-12. See more info on (right-hand side of the page).


2008-10-02 Project tasks will be presented on Tuesday. The two project tasks will be presented on Tuesday’s lecture, ca 10 minutes each at 8:15 and 9:15. (Not applicable for CDT311 students, so you may sleep 10 minutes more :-)


2008-10-02 Problem with TortoiseSVN. There seem to be a version mismatch with the TortoiseSVN in the lab rooms. Helpdesk has been contacted. If you are working with your own computers (with a newer version than in the lab rooms) there should be no problem. Also, possibly the problem appears only if you are using both the older version in the lab rooms and a newer version. If the problem is not solved within a few days and/or you have problems with submitting labs in time, please contact us.


2008-09-29 Homeworks available. Homeworks now online on the homeworks page.


2008-09-26 Slides from yesterday’s guest lecture available. The slides from Premek Brada are available on the lectures page.


2008-09-19 Interesting guest lecture in the another course. You are welcome to the guest lecture “Building network products with open source software” by Jon-Olov Vatn, Westermo R&D, Monday, September 29, 10:15-12:00 in Kappa. The lecture concerns embedded Linux and is part of the project course in computer science. The lecture will be given in Swedish.


2008-09-12 Info about guest lectures. You already had Stig Larsson telling you all you need to know about project management. Upcoming guest lectures will be: Sept 18th, Jukka Mäki-Turja (real-time systems); Sept 25th, Premysl Brada (change management); Sept 30th Pia Stoll (usability and software architecture). Don’t miss these lectures!


2008-09-03 About lab 1 for CDT311 (Game development project). The document may/should be written in Swedish. (I was incorrect when I answered a question at the lecture. /Rikard La) Observe that for CDT310 students is to write another type of document, which has to be written in English. (Foundations of Software Engineering).


2008-08-14 Course page created! You can have a look at the course schedule (CDT310, CDT311) and don’t miss the first lecture. Monitor this page regularly during the course for news. Since the course page is under construction, many links are broken, but don’t worry, information will be put here as the course progresses. Before course start, you may want to have a look at the page for literature and study instructions.



Rikard Land, last update: 09 January 2009