CD5490 2001 period 2


Building Reliable Component-Based Systems 

Exeminator: Ivica Crnkovic,    
Teachers, Assistants:  Magnus Larsson,,  Andreas Sjögren,, Frank Lüders,

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Workshop 1 Agenda

Date   Time   Event  Content  Place *
2001-11-06   13:15-17:00   Lectures - Västerås  Introduction to CBSE  v262 **
2001-11-07   8:15-11:00 Lectures - Västerås  Introduction to CBSE, grouping  n17
2001-12-07   Deadline  Analysis report completed  
2001-12-17 13:15-17:00 Workshop - Västerås  Presentation of the selceted parts  v222
2001-12-18 8:15-12:00 Workshop - Västerås  Presentation of the selected parts  v221
2001-01-10   Deadline  Extended report completed  
2001-01-15 10:15-18:00 Workshop - Västerås  Presentation of material and extended report  v222

(*) A room with a prefix "v" is in Vargens Vret, 1st floor (same building as IDt), other rooms are in the main building at MdH  (a map)

(**) Jointly with the Component Technologies course

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