Workshop 2

Participation in the workshop on Jan 15 is mandatory.

Each presentation should be in English.

To make every switch go smothly we need your presentation material before Monday 14:th, 23.59, if you want to use the computer we provide.

Schedule for the workshop

Tuesday 15/1, 10.15-16.45:

10.15-10.35Pernilla Eklund
10.35-10.55Rikard Land
10.55-11.15Andreas Sj÷gren
11.20-11.40Joakim Fr÷berg
11.40-12.00Caroline Nyholm
13.15-13.35Andreas Johansson
13.35-13.55Christian Jiresj÷
13.55-14.15Linn Gustavsson
14.15-14.35Christina Wallin
14.55-15.15Miroslav Staron
15.15-15.35Rikard Torkar
15.35-15.55Gordana D.C.

Each presentation should occupy 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.

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