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Student  Overview Chapter Report Questions Review Extended paper
JARI, BAHARAK   1,2,7 submitted submitted submitted Specifying Component Frameworks Using UML
MATHIAS, MAGNUS   13,14,16 submitted submitted submitted COM+ and EJB
MAGNUS   H 3,4 submitted submitted submitted OSGi model
JAKOB, ROBERT 17,18,19 submitted submitted submitted OPC Overview
KRISTER, PETER 3,5 submitted submitted submitted Testing  and verification of components
RADU, TOMAS 1,2,13,15 submitted submitted submitted Real-Time Scheduling Component for Windows 2000,

Scheduling Real-Time Components in Priority-Based Hard Real-Time Systems

AHMED, MEHDI 1,2,6 submitted      
LARS,  TOBIAS   10,14 submitted submitted submitted Certification of Software Components
  1. Basic Concepts in CBSE
  2. On the Specification of Components
  3. Architecting Component-based Systems
  4. Component Models and Technology
  5. Component-Based Development Process
  6. Semantic Integrity in CBD
  7. Role-Based Component Engineering
  8. Dispelling the Myth of Component Evaluation
  9. Component Composition and Integration
  10. Predicting System Trustworthiness
  11. Components in PLA
  12. The Koala Component Model
  13. Components in RT systems
  14. Components in Safety-Critical RT Systems
  15. Providing RT Services for COTS
  16. CB Embedded Systems
  17. ABB AIP
  18. Application Integration
  19. Dassault Système Component Model


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