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Assigment 0 (Extra assigment):  Composition predictability.

Presentation   Paper   Questionnaire

Assignment 1: Selected topic of CBSE

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Review Template

Assignment 2: Selected topic of CBSE

Component model Development Framework Implementation

Extra assigment:  Classify Quality attributes

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Anders Pettersson anders.pettersson at 13,14,16 OK OK *
Joel Verpers joel.verpers at 1,5,11      
Frans Mårtensson Frans.martensson at 3,11,12 OK OK  
Markus Adolfsson markus at 1, 3, 4 OK OK  
Sven Andersson san01006 at 1, 2,13 OK OK  
Daniel Blomskog dbg00001 at
Ulf Stenlund usd03001 at 1, 2, 6 OK OK *
Thomas Stahl stahl.thomas at 1, 2, 16 OK OK  
Mattias Avelin mattias at
Daniel Nyberg daniel.nyberg at 2,13,16 OK OK  
Jonas Elmqvist jonel at 2,9,10,(14) OK OK  
Viacheslav Izosimov viaiz at 9,10,15 OK OK  
Mohammad Khairul Anam amd04001 at 1,2 5   OK  
Muhammad Qaiser Saleem qaiser_saleem73 at 3,5 OK OK  
Phoebe Ni phoebe at 1,2,13,15      


  1. Basic Concepts in CBSE
  2. On the Specification of Components
  3. Architecting Component-based Systems
  4. Component Models and Technology
  5. Component-Based Development Process
  6. Semantic Integrity in CBD
  7. Role-Based Component Engineering
  8. Dispelling the Myth of Component Evaluation
  9. Component Composition and Integration
  10. Predicting System Trustworthiness
  11. Components in PLA
  12. The Koala Component Model
  13. Components in RT systems
  14. Components in Safety-Critical RT Systems
  15. Providing RT Services for COTS
  16. CB Embedded Systems
  17. ABB AIP
  18. Application Integration
  19. Dassault Système Component Model


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