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asg. 2

Peter Taban ptaban50 (at) 2,3, and 13 OK r1 OK Modeling Components using UML 2.0
Tanvir Alam tansoft_shawn (at) 13,14 and 16 OK r1  r2 OK  
Bisola Akindunn a_bisola (at) OK 8.Dynamic composition – plug-and play mechanisms
Shoaib Ahmad sad05004 (at) 1,2,13 and 15 OK r1   r2 OK 7 - Components and Embedded Systems
Riasat Abas ras05001 (at) OK
Peter Jönsson pjn01007 (at) 10 and 14 OK r1   r2 OK Testing components
Sigrid Eldh  sigrid.eldh (at)  
Ronalds Prusis rps06001 (at) 3 and11 OK r1   r2 OK Real time CORBA
Stefan Chyssler scr02001 (at) 1, 2 and 7 OK r1   OK 1 Build Excel functions from Synapse components
Johan Krüger jkr02002 (at) OK
Jonathan Larsson jln02008 (at) 4,17,19 OK r1   r2 OK 2 - Synapese - write and read to Excel files.
Mikael Gardh mgh02001 (at) OK
Patrik Bergström pbm02002 (at) 1,3,4 OK r1   r2 OK 1 Build Excel functions from Synapse components
Angel Garcia aga05001 (at) 1, 3 and 5 OK r1  r2 OK  
Mario Gadet mgt05001 (at) OK  
Georgios Kasselakis gkassel (at)   OK   OK  
Matti Simperi matti.simperi (at) 1,2 and 16        
Tomas Billborn tbn02003 (at) 3 and 5        
Tong Lin tongll66 (at) 17,18 and 19       6 Describing dynamic behavior of components using finite state machine

Assignment 1: Selected topic of CBSE

Report template MS word  latexTemplate.tar.gz

Review Template

TOPICS to Select


A:     1,2,6
B:     1,2,7
C:      1,2,13
D:      1,2,16
E:      1,3,4,
F:      1, 3,5
G:      3,11, 12
H:      4,17,19
I:      10,14
J:      13,14,16
K:      1,2,13,15
L:      17,18,19

Select combination and mail to

1   Basic Concepts in CBSE
2   On the Specification of Components
3   Architecting Component-based Systems
4    Component Models and Technology
5   Component-Based Development Process
6    Semantic Integrity in CBD
7   Role-Based Component Engineering
8   Dispelling the Myth of Component Evaluation
9    Component Composition and Integration
10  Predicting System Trustworthiness
11  Components in product-line architecture
12  The Koala Component Model
13 Components in RT systems
14  Components in Safety-Critical RT Systems
15 Providing RT Services for COTS
16  CB Embedded Systems
18 Application Integration
19 Dassault Système Component Model 


Assignment 2: Selected topic of CBSE

Component model implementation: Synapse , SaveCCMAssigments slides

Assigment   Peltarion Synapse Build Excel functions from Synapse components
1 Build Excel functions from Synapse components
2 Build Excel/synapse adapters – read/write
3  Build a a synapse filter component
  Using SaveCCM component model
4 Building graphical interface for SaveCCM and generation of XML code
  Technical report about particular aspects of component
5 Modeling Components using UML 2.0
6 Describing dynamic behavior of components using finite state machine
7 Components and embedded systems
8 Dynamic composition – plug-and play mechanisms
9 Real time CORBA
10 Your  choice


??? Your proposal



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