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Moris Behnam  

moris.behnam (at)

G: 10 and 14




Huseyin Aysan

huseyin.aysan (at)


Marcelo Santos

marcelo.santos (at)

A: 1,2 and 6




Hongyu Pei Breivold

hongyu.pei-breivold (at)

component based engineering vs. service oriented computing.




Peter Taban

ptn06002 (at)

13 and 14




Alejandro Sainz

asn06005 (at)

C: 1,2 and 13




Vasilis Odontidis

vos06001 (at)


Mehrdad Saadatmand

msd06002 (at)

B: 1,2 and 7




Quang Tien Le

le_tien83 (at)


Syed Mustafa  Hussain

search2mustafa (at)

B: 1,2 and 7




Mirza Arif Baig

baigarif2000 (at)


Hkan Gustavsson

hakan.gustavsson (at)

3,5 and 11: CBSE case in the automotive industry




Pina Cianflocca

pina.cianflocca (at)

A: 1,2 and 6




Pasqualina Potena

pasqualina.potena (at)

integrate CODER framework into CBD process




Andreas Persson

andreas.persson (at)

12,13 and 16 




Fredrik sterlind

fros (at )

E: 1,3, and 4




Per Branger

per.branger (at)

5 and 11





Assignment 1: Selected topic of CBSEs

Report template MS word  latexTemplate.tar.gz,
PPT template
Review Template

TOPICS to Select


A: 1,2,6

B: 1,2,7
C: 1,2,13
D: 1,2,16
E: 1,3,4,
F: 1, 3,5
G: 10,14
H: 13,14,16
 I: 8,11
J: 7, 8
qDescribe them, find relations between them

Find related literature


Select combination and mail to
Aneta Vulgarakis <>

1   Basic Concepts in CBSE
2   On the Specification of Components
3   Architecting Component-based Systems
4   Component Models and Technology
5   Component-Based Development Process
6   Semantic Integrity in CBD
7   Role-Based Component Engineering
8   Dispelling the Myth of Component Evaluation
9   Component Composition and Integration
10  Predicting System Trustworthiness
11  Components in product-line architecture
12  The Koala Component Model
13 Components in RT systems
14 Components in Safety-Critical RT Systems
15 Providing RT Services for COTS
16 CB Embedded Systems
18 Application Integration
19 Dassault Syst?me Component Model 

Assignment 2: Selected topic of CBSE

Component model implementation:  Assigments slides

Assigment 2 includes reading and summarizing a selected topic.  The results are a) presentation 20 minutes (up to 20 slides) and a report.

NOTE: Copies form the literature/internet are illigal!

Report template MS word  latexTemplate.tar.gz,
PPT template




Make a presentation of Basic Concepts of CBSE, based on a given text (see the link) . Select a component model (example picolo) and write a report in which you show how these principles are applied for this component model.


CBSE and resuability - read a chapter and prepare the presentation (see the link). Find literature on the web  (google components and reuse) and write a report component-based developemnt and reuse


Describe Dynamic composition - plug-and play mechanisms


Describing dynamic behavior of components


Real time CORBA


Fractal, Julia and Think component models -presentation and a report










Name e-mail topics review sent approved
Hongyu Pei Breivold hongyu.pei-breivold (at)

CBSE and service oriented engineering

Moris Behnam moris.behnam (at) Component Reusability and Verification Issues in Component Based Safety Critical Real Time Systems

We will continue working on the issues and solution proposals about reusability of components in safety critical real time systems and predicting non-functional properties of system developed by component based software engineering approach. We will present the state of the art research results regarding these subjects and we will present some practical examples from real life.

Huseyin Aysan huseyin.aysan (at)
Pasqualina Potena pasqualina.potena (at)

Integrating CODER in the Component-based development process

Fredrik sterlind fros (at ) Deployment and management tools for WSNs using OSGi

One of the current research focus of the Networked Embedded Systems (NES) group at SICS is on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). A WSN consists of many resource-limited devices with sensing abilities and radios. Due to the distributed nature of a WSN, deployment and management tools are highly useful. Such tools enable for example remote reprogramming of entire networks, statistics collections and visualizations of both loggedand current networks.

The NES group has developed several different similar tools in different projects over the last few years. This assignment consists of extracting the major functionality of existing tools and,on top of a suitable component model, implement a base framework for future tools. The framework should, using component technology, be adaptable enough for different specific project requirements as well as contain generic functionality suited for typical networks.

The generic functionality contains for example network topology visualizers, data loggers, automated network data injection and remote reprogramming controls. Although not yet decided, the tools will most probably be built upon the Knopflerfish Open Source OSGi framework implementation (

Mehrdad Saadatmand msd06002 (at) CBSE and reusability (Topic number 2)

Reusability has been one of the main promises in component-based software development; it has received a lot of attention by software companies due to its promised benefits such as reduced time-to-market, reduced development and maintenance costs, and so on. The main idea for software reuse can be considered as the quote write once, run anywhere

Because component-based software engineering is still a young subject, apart from benefits and success, there are still many issues which need more investigation and research. Regarding reusability, component based software engineering seems to require more considerations in this aspect especially when it comes to designing components which are going to be used in multiple products and different environments. In our paper we are going to discuss some aspects of reusability and its relation to component based software engineering and the necessary issues which should be taken into account for the design of reusable components.

Quang Tien Le le_tien83 (at)
Alehandro Sainz asn06005 (at) Topic 2: CBSE and reusability

There is great potential in reassembling applications with the use of reusable components, because then the cost of developing those application is much less. Using components can be done in two ways. By using already existing components or by designing components with the purpose of reusing them in the future [1]. In the report we are going to discuss about component based development and reusing while we take an insight of the difference in the approach of software reuse and component based software engineering [2].In addition there is a variety of articles on the internet about various methods and techniques for doing this like [3], [4] and [5] that we are going to present.

Vasilis Odontidis vos06001 (at)
Peter Taban ptn06002 (at) Proposal:

I would prefer to work with the continuation of previous developed components in the component technology project


  • Develop web service to favor communication
  • Call items from the database to ASP web page using web service protocol
  • Insert items to the database from ASP web page with the help of web service.

Pina Cianflocca pina.cianflocca (at)

Topic 2: CBSE and reusability

Marcelo Santos marcelo.santos (at) A survey of formal analysis in component composition

For this assignment, I propose to do a literature review about composition of components, that are the main concept in component-based development. As this topic is very broad, and each component model can have its own definition of composition, I will focus on formal analysis. What I want to review is how does the model provide support for deriving and proving properties of the assemblies of components. The architecture description language (ADL) of the component model is a kind of formal compositional language, but not all of them provide such support and not all models have ADLs. In the report I propose to write a brief description of the sintax, semantics and composition of the components and give a description of the formal compositional model.

Syed Mustafa Hussain search2mustafa (at)

Topic 4: Describing dynamic behavior of components

Mirza Arif Baig baigarif2000 (at)
Hkan Gustavsson hakan.gustavsson (at)

Topic 2: CBSE and reusability

Andreas Persson andreas.persson (at)
Per Branger per.branger (at) Component Based Development Processes for Technology Reuse




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