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Ivica Crnkovic, Magnus Larsson: Building reliable component-based systems
Ivica Crnkovic: CBSE - New Challanges  in Software Development
Alan W. Brown, Kurt C. Wallnau:  The Current State of CBSE
Ivica Crnkovic et al: Specification, Implementation and Deployment of Components
  Ivica Crnkovic, Magnus Larsson, Oto Preiss, Concerning Predictability in Dependable Component-
Based Systems: Classification of Quality Attributes
  Clemens Szyperski, Component Software - Beyond Object-Oriented Programming    Second Edition
Heineman and Councill: CBSE - putting pieces together
ARTIST EU Network of Excelence: Advanced Real-time Road map (part II)
You can use MDH libraru to read the electrnic copy of
 Ivica Crnkovic, Magnus Larsson: Building reliable component-based systems

Do the following:
Go to :
Sign in if required (i am not sure that you need to register if you have a connection inside the university)
Search for : Building Reliable Component-Based Software Systems
Read the book (you can also print it but no more than 10 pages by impression)

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