The lab introduction slides can be found here (pptx file) and here (pdf file).

The lab description can be found here (doc file) and here (pdf file).

you can find a ready to use Eclipse workspace here.

The required lab deliverable is a zip file containing your projects including the design documents.

WARNING: The system forbids resubmission => Only 1 submission per lab
WARNING: The system forbids big file upload (file size limit is 10 Mo). Reduce your zip file size by not including the felix project and check your zip file size before submiting. Check that your submition has been uploaded, if not, reduce your zip file size and resubmit.

ALL the reports (zip file) must be imperatively submitted on the lab submission website: by Wednesday (2011-02-02) 23:59h.
For groups, the TWO members of the group have to submit individually the common files.