DVA312 Software Engineering 1: Basic Course, 7.5 credits, autumn 2010


Please monitor this page for news and changes in the course. The lab page contains news and FAQ section for the labs. Sometimes, important information is given during lectures, lessons etc., but the most important information will be summarized here as well.

General Information and News


2010-12-17 Donít forget to sign up for the re-exam.


2010-11-26 The exam results should now finally be available. Correction notes are available at the examination page.


2010-11-25 Please fill out the evaluation sheet for the course! The results will be summarised here later.


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

Teachers and staff




Jan Carlson (examiner, lectures, homeworks)



Thomas Leveque (lessons, lectures)



Yue Lu (lab assistant)



Farhang Nemati (lab assistant)



Guest lecturers:



  • Stig Larsson, Lunik Process Improvement Consulting
  • Rikard Land, Cross Control

Old News

2010-11-25 Note that the exams are not yet available at the reception, the results have to be entered into the system first, and I have to sign it. There has been a few extra days of delay due to sick leave. Sorry about that!


2010-11-25 Exam correction notes available at the examination page.


2010-11-24 The exam has been corrected and handed over to the IDT reception. It will probably take a few days more for them to enter the results and then for it to be visible to you. Some information about the correction, such as common mistakes, will be added to the Examination page shortly. And once again, please fill out the evaluation sheet if you havenít done it already.


2010-11-18 Iím still correcting the exam (the deadline for correcting it is November 24, so it will be ready by then).


2010-11-18 Please fill out the evaluation sheet for the course! The results will be summarised here later.


2010-11-02 The exam room is announced in the course schedule at least two days before the exam. A map to ďKopparlundenĒ can be found here. Good luck!


2010-11-02 To clarify the rules about the additional 1.5 bonus points awarded if ďall labs are submitted before the exam and all lab assignments are correctĒ, for lab 7 it is enough if a correct completion is submitted before the deadline November 4.


2010-10-26 Here is the link to the homepage of the project course, DVA313.


2010-10-26 The ďhints and common mistakesĒ slides from the lesson today can be found on the Examination page. There is also an example that you might find useful, and many previous exams (some with solutions).


2010-10-25 Due to a double booking between DVA306 and DVA313 (the project course), the order of the Wednesday lectures have changed. The whole block is still 9.15-12.00, but the introduction to the project course will be at the end rather than at the beginning.


2010-19-25 Lesson slides for lab 7 added to the lab page.


2010-10-20 The lecture on Monday (October 25) is cancelled, but I will be available for questions during that time (just come by my room, U3-133).


2010-10-20 Donít forget to sign up for the exam in the student portal. You must sign up at least ten full days before the exam, and this is a strict deadline.


2010-10-06 The follow-up project course, DVA313, now has a homepage. At the moment it does not contain much more information than course plan and schedule, though.


2010-10-16 Homework 6 is now available at the exercises and homeworks page (also with deadline October 19).


2010-10-15 Homework 4 is now available at the exercises and homeworks page. Note that the deadline of this homework has been extended to October 19.


2010-10-15 Lecture notes for Rikardís guest lecture are now available at the lectures page.


2010-10-15 The deadline for homeworks 4 and 6 (the optional assignments, not the labs) will be moved, since they are still not available. I donít know to what date, though, since I donít know when they will be finished.


2010-10-06 About signing up for the exam...it seems like the sign-up has not opened yet, so youíll have to wait a bit more.


2010-10-06 Donít forget to sign up for the exam in the student portal. You must sign up at least ten full days before the exam, and this is a strict deadline.


2010-10-06 Next week (October 11 to 14) Jan, Thomas and Yue will be out of office. For urgent issues, contact Farhang, and otherwise you can send an email (weíll read emails at least sporadically).


2010-09-23 For some reason, the course schedule now also contains two entries that are not specific to this course (Mon Oct 4, 17:00 and Wed Oct 6, 13.15). These are information meetings for students in the civ. eng. program, year 4, and computer science students, year 2 and 3.

2010-09-23 Homework 3 is now available at the exercises and homeworks page.


2010-09-22 Changes in the schedule. The lecture October 11 and the lessons October 13 and 20 are cancelled. Also, the lecture October 18 is changed into a one-hour lesson preparing for lab 7.

2010-09-22 Corrected a copy-paste error in the Pfleeger & Atlee reading instructions for lecture 2 (see the lectures page). Updated some of the reading instructions for coming lectures.


2010-09-17 Some lab deadlines have been changed. Check the lab page.

2010-09-16 Homework 2 is now available at the exercises and homeworks page.


2010-09-13 I got a question at the lecture today about the rules about the bonus points awarded for lab assignments, and I didnít get the answer right. The criteria for getting the 0.5 bonus points (as specified on the overview page) is that it 1) is submitted on time, 2) is you first submission and 3) is correct without completion.


2010-09-13 Some of you have asked what you should do if you miss the lab assignment deadline. The answer is, just submit as soon as possible. Although you will not get the exam bonus points if submitting after the deadline, you still have to have all labs approved to pass the course.


2010-09-07 There was a question about tool support for drawing project plan diagrams, and one suggestion is Microsoft Project, which is free for students (follow the MSDAA link on the MDH it support page).


2010-08-30 The rest of this week, I will be away (attending a software engineering conference, so maybe I learn something that can be passed on to you). If you have any questions regarding the course, contact Thomas or Farhang Nemati (see below).


2010-08-30 Lecture notes for the second lecture (a guest lecture given by Stig Larsson from Lunik Process Improvement Consulting) is now available at the lectures page.


2010-08-29 Lecture notes for the first lecture have been added to the lectures page. See you all tomorrow!


2010-08-17 Course page created. You can have a look at the course schedule and donít miss the first lecture. Monitor this page regularly during the course for news. Since the course page is under construction, many links are broken, but donít worry, information will be put here as the course progresses. Before course start, you may want to have a look at the page for literature and study instructions. Also, the overview page contains a lot of useful information.


Jan Carlson, last update: 17 December 2010