DVA313 Software Engineering 2: Project teamwork, 7.5 credits, autumn 2010

General Information and News

Please monitor this page for news and changes in the course.



2010-12-29 Project scores available at the project page (for some groups, we are still waiting for the customer input).


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

Course Responsible and Examiner:




Jan Carlson



Project steering group:




Jan Carlson



Yue Lu



Farhang Nemati



Andreas Johnsen



Old News

2010-12-29 Final report template is available.


2010-12-29 Schedule and guidelines for the final presentation is available at the bottom of the instructions page.


2010-12-04 Test specification template is available.


2010-12-04 At the instructions page you can find some instructions for the design presentation, and some notes on how to write the test specification.


2010-11-24 A preliminary version of the design document template is now available. There might be some (probably minor) changes later, though.


2010-11-24 New schedules for upcoming weekly meetings have been added.


2010-11-24 Information about whether your requirement documents are approved or not (and comments about what to improve) will be mailed to the project managers during the week.


2010-11-21 Information about the presentations on Wednesday, including a schedule, has been added to the instructions page.


2010-11-15 Someone left an umbrella in the after the follow-up meetings. It is now in my office (U1-066a).


2010-11-12 Schedules for the next two weekly follow-up meetings have been added to the instructions page.


2010-11-12 SVN repositories are now created, with access rights granted to all project members, and a mail was sent to each group with instructions. For those of you that are not familiar with SVN, see Lab assignment 1 in DVA312, the SVN homepage, or the Tortoise homepage (Windows SVN client). SVN related issues are handled by Farhang, so contact him if something is not ok.


2010-11-12 Some information we thought of during the meetings yesterday, which wasn't given to all groups:

·         According to the schedule in the Project Start slides, you should deliver a initial version of the project plan already this week (i.e., committed Friday). This can be a very early unfinished version, and it will not be graded.

·         In the weekly report, the reported "workload" in "Results This Week" and "Activities Planned for Next Period" should be in person-hours, not hours. If n group members participate in a two-hour meeting, it should be reported as 2*n hours.


2010-11-12 The requirement template is now available.


2010-11-10 The project description and plan template is now available. Also, there are some updates to the weekly report template.


2010-11-08 The project start slides are now available.


2010-11-08 Someone left a jacket in the “My” room after the project start. It is now in my office (U1-066a).


2010-11-08 There was some errors in the ending times of the schedule for Wednesday. Here is the proper table (I hope):


8:15 – 8:40

Group 1

 9:55 – 10:20

Group 2

8:40 – 9:05

Group 3

10:20 – 10:45

Group 4

9:05 – 9:30

Group 5

10:45 – 11:10

Group 6

9:30 – 9:55

Group 7

11:10 – 11.35

Group 8


2010-11-05 Some changes in the course schedule. The course start on Monday will be in room “My”.


2010-10-29 DVA312 students: A list of project suggestions is now available on the projects page. Look at the projects and fill out the sign-up form (deadline Wednesday Nov 3).


2010-10-29 DVA306 students: You will continue with the overall project from the previous course, but since the small project groups will be merged into larger ones, the first phase of the project will be to concretely define the project content from the work you did in DVA306. Since we want to groups ready by the first lecture, we still want you to fill out the sign-up form (selecting project 1). Deadline is Wednesday Nov 3.


2010-10-26 Turns out the rescheduling didn’t help. There’s still a double booking between DVA306 and DVA313. So, we’ll arrange so that the DVA306 students get this information in some other way.


2010-10-25 Due to a double booking between DVA306 and DVA313, the introduction lecture on Wednesday will be at 11.15-12.00 (instead of 9.15-10.00).


2010-10-06 Course page created. You can have a look at the course schedule. Don’t miss the course start!


Important: Since this is a project course, it is essential that you are present on the course start November 8! If you for some reason cannot attend, contact the course responsible in advance. You will also get important information on the course on October 27th. Don’t hesitate to contact the course responsible if you have any questions.


Jan Carlson, last update: 29 December 2010