DVA313 - Software Engineering 2: Project Teamwork, 7.5 credits, autumn 2011

At some point, we might use Blackboard for information and communication, but for now this page contains all available information.


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

2012-02-01 The grading is finished! Grades are reported today (although it normally takes a couple of days before they show up in the student portal) and feedback have been sent out by mail to all groups. Thanks for the good work, and best of luck in the future! Oh, and don't forget to fill out the course evaluation!

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Instructions and information

Teachers and staff

 Name Role Room
Jan Carlson Responsible teacher, examiner U1-066a
Farhang Nemati Course assistant U1-143
Andreas Johnsen Course assistant U1-073
Juraj Feljan Course assistant U1-050a

Old news

2012-01-11 We are happy to announce that all documents of all groups have now been approved. Your remaining duties are to make the final delivery to the customer (and any other arrangements you have agreed on, such as demonstrating the final product), make sure all deliverables are in svn (including code, user manuals, etc.), and finally send a mail to your steering group telling us that everything is ready for grading. Additionally, please fill out the course evaluation (should be sent automatically to all of you by mail soon after the course has finished) and tell us what you liked about the course and what can be improved for next year.

2012-01-09 Time schedule for the final presentations added to the Presentations page.

2011-12-19 Instructions for the Project report and Final presentation added to the Documentation page and the Presentations page, respectively.

2011-12-07 Some Test Specification and Test Report instructions added to the Documentation page.

2011-12-07 A student pointed out that there is an inconsistency in the deliverable deadlines. In the timeline picture (slide 12) in the startup slides, the final delivery of the design document is in week 50, but the list on slide 13 (and on the Documentation page) says week 1. The correct date is...*drum roll*...week 1.

2011-11-22 Design documentation instructions added to the Documentation page.

2011-11-22 New link to the Course Schedule. Note that the presentations tomorrow start at 9.15

2011-11-18 The Presentations page now also contains the schedule for the first presentations.

2011-11-13 Added some instructions to the Presentations page.

2011-11-11 The Documentation page now also includes instructions for the Requirements definition document.

2011-11-11 Instructions regarding the Project description and plan added to the Documentation page. The page also includes the deadlines for the different documents, submission instructions and the weekly meeting template.

2011-11-09 A summary of the course evaluations from last year is available.

2011-11-09 Added schedules and some information regarding the weekly meetings.

2011-11-09 The template for weekly reports is updated.

2011-11-09 You can have a look at the template for weekly reports from last year. I plan to modify it a bit for this year, but this at least gives a rough idea of what information we expect.

2011-11-07 Slides from the project startup

2011-10-26 Slides from the information meeting

2011-10-26 It is very important that you show up in the first lecture (Monday Nov 7) where we present the groups and give some initially instructions. If you have a really good reason to not be present, please contact the responsible teacher in advance.

2011-10-26 There is an information occasion scheduled already in the end of period 1 (see the schedule). To allow the project groups to start working immediately when the course starts, we ask all students that intend to take this course to sign up (and indicate project preferences) during the exam period. More information will be given in the meeting Oct 26, and published here later on.

2011-10-30 List of proposed projects and sign-up instructions

Jan Carlson ( jan.carlson@mdh.se)