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Proposed projects

Note that these are the descriptions provided by the customers, and in some cases the scope or the focus of the project will be altered somewhat in order to fit the course and/or the group. Also, some of the projects are still being discussed with the customers, and it might happen that some of them are not run at all.

1. Automated control of CAD models in education

The goal of the project is to create an interface for control of CAD models, to be used in teaching at Mälardalen University. The background is a growing number of students studying CAD, thereby increasing pressure on teaching resources when it comes to verification of the submission. The system should allow the teacher to enter master models, specify the tests to be performed on submitted solutions, and define specific feedback based on certain model elements. For example, the system could automatically check that the volume of the student model is the same as that of the registered master model, compare the number of features of a particular type, etc. A web interface for the students could be used in distance courses.

Some basic knowledge of SolidWorks is of course preferable, although the software has a fairly straightforward interface.

2. Content manager for C3LOOPS

This project focus on the development of a content manager for the C3LOOPS-project, an iOS based iPad app for collaborative multimedia improvisation.

The content manager should:

The current evolving code base of C3LOOPS will be at your disposal, and two iPod touch devices will be provided. The goal of the project is to evaluate the users experience of timeline presentation and dynamic queries for media content.

3. Motion capture support software to distribute information to head-mounted displays

Imagination Studios is a company working in the game sector and specialized in motion capturing and animation. To improve the recording of the motion capture sessions a software tool is needed that can manage up to five head-mounted displays (HMD) and is capable of sending instructions to them.

The focus of this project is to develop the application where the user decides in real-time what instructions to send to the different HMDs. It should also contain support for managing the instructions (images and texts), including defining default instruction sets and specific ones for each project.

4. Web interface to a static program analysis tool

SWEET is an advanced tool static execution time analysis of C programs, developed by the program analysis research group at MDH. The tool is currently implemented as a collection of UNIX commands, and a web interface would make it accessible to a wider set of users. The interface should allow the user to upload source code files, set appropriate analysis options, run the analysis, and finally access the analysis results and any additional output from the analysis tool (e.g., error messages).

In some cases, the analysis can take quite long time, so there should be means for the user to cancel an analysis session, and support for built in timeouts. Additionally, some security issues have to be addressed, to guarantee that no other UNIX commands than those of the tool can be executed.

5. Visual Studio add-in for proxy object code generation

The task is to implement an add-in for Visual Studio 2008 that can inspect an existing Smart Device component and generate source code for a new component providing proxy objects to the original component. The add-in should be able to inspect a .NET or COM component and display its provided classes with interfaces and operations in a graphical user interface where the user can select what should be available in the new component. It should also allow the user to make some adjustments to the exported functionality, for example to automatically add simple logging of operation invocations of selected operations.

In the case of COM, the generated code must not require the .NET Compact Framework to work. The add-in should make maximum use of standard libraries for component inspection and code generation in C# and C++ (for .NET and COM components respectively).

6. Real-time video overlays for a time keeping system

Västerås Tidtagning provides time keeping equipment for organizers of swim competitions. They also provide live video streaming from competitions, and the project aims to improve these live feeds with overlays of clocks and results graphics.

The aim of the project is to develop an application that intercepts the serial data sent to the result board, and data from a result database and creates a graphic overlay on top of the video stream.

7. Block Destroyer

A continuation of the platform game developed in the DVA306 project. Bigger bombs, stronger acid, and more blocks to destoy!

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