DVA313 - Software Engineering 2: Project Teamwork, 7.5 credits, autumn 2013

In this course, groups of 6-8 students carry out a larger software development project for an external (i.e. from a company, organization or some other part of MDH) customer. The project work includes establishing requirements, designing and implementing the system, and testing the result. Each part of the work is documented and presented to the other groups. The project groups are responsible for organizing and planning the work, and for the contacts with the customer. To help them, the groups have weekly meetings with the course assistants/teachers.


2014-01-28 Project grades have been distributed, and the individual grades reported (should be visible in the student portal within a few days). In case you have questions about the grading, or you want to discuss the examination, please don't hesitate to contact the course examiner. Thus, the course is now over for this year! Thanks a lot, it has been very nice working with you!

2014-01-28 The summary of the course evaluations can be found here.

(Old news at the bottom of the page)

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Jan Carlson Responsible teacher, examiner U1-066a
Federico Ciccozzi Course assistant U1-050a

Old news

2014-01-22 We have received grading input from almost all students and clients, and we are done with the final grading of all documents, products and different aspects of how you worked in the projects. So, we are now in the final phase of combining all information into final project grades and to individual student grades.

2014-01-22 Please fill out the course evaluation if you haven't done it already. The link is send out by email centrally, around January 8th I think, and the evaluation will close on Monday.

2014-01-07 The final deliverable deadline is Thursday midnight, as usual. As mentioned on the Deliverables page, this deadline also includes the product being delivered to the client. However, depending on the nature of your project you might need to meet your client for the final delivery. If this is the case, and your client is only available later, please inform us before the deadline (and make the delivery as soon as possible, to avoid delaying the grading).

2014-01-06 Welcome back! I hope you have had a relaxing and/or productive holiday! I've added instructions concerning your individual input to the grading. See you all on Wednesday at 9.15 for the final presentations.

2013-12-18 Note the new start time for the final presentations (see the schedule).

2013-11-21 Note the new start time, and the room change, for the presentation on Wednesday (see the schedule).

2013-11-21 Instructions for the presentations next week, including a schedule, are now available under Instructions and information below.

2013-11-13 For Mac, there are several svn clients, each with some pros and cons. The one most of my colleagues use is SCPlugin (SCToolbarButton), where svn functions are integrated in Finder. There are also svn clients that are run as separate programs, such as RapidSVN.

2013-11-13 The svn repositories are ready. Each group has access to a separate folder (https://v-subek.ita.mdh.se:8443/svn/dva313/2013/gN, where N is the group number).

2013-11-13 TortoiseSVN is a good svn client for Windows.

2013-11-12 I mentioned it yesterday, but maybe I wasn't so clear. We will provide a subversion repository for each group (or, in fact, a separate folder in the course repository). If you prefer, you can use Git, but then you have to administer it, and give access to the steering group. Need further information about SVN? Have a look at this free book.

2013-11-11 Information about the weekly meetings and about the different deliverables (including weekly reports) added under Instructions and information below.

2013-11-11 Slides from the project start-up today added under Instructions and information below.

2013-10-30 The list of proposed projects and the sign-up instructions are now available.

2013-10-30 Slides from the course information today added under Instructions and information below.

2013-08-20 Note that all scheduled time is mandatory in this course. In particular, the first week is very crucial since the project work starts already the first Monday, and you will most likely have your first meetings with the customer in this week.

2013-08-20 Since there were many questions about this last year, it might be good to write it here: In this course, the project groups are formed by the course staff, and not by the students. Before the course starts, we will provide some information about the available projects, and then students can indicate which projects they prefer. Based on this, and other factors, we will put the teams together.

2013-08-20 Course page created.

Jan Carlson ( jan.carlson@mdh.se)