Individual input for the grading

In addition to the information in the final report about how you have structured the work, we would like to get individual input on your view of the distribution of the work within the group. Please fill out the following template and send by email to no later than January 17.

Name: <Your name>
Group: <Your group number>

Distribution of work effort (100 points):

<Name1>: <Points1>
<Name2>: <Points2>
<Name3>: <Points3>



Given 100 points representing all the effort, work and responsibilities of the group, you should divide them among the group members (including yourself) according to your view of their respective contribution. Avoid being too single-minded and only consider for example coding, but try to consider all aspects relevant in the course (project work, documentation, product, presentations).

So, with seven people in the group, assign 14 points to each if you think that responsibilities and commitment were evenly distributed over the group. If you feel that one person contributed half as much as the rest, give him/her 8 points and the other six members 15 points. If you..., well, I'm sure you get the idea!

In addition to the points you can also give a text comment, in case you want to elaborate or give some explanation or motivation.

As always, if something is unclear, just contact one of the teachers.

Jan Carlson (