DVA313 - Software Engineering 2: Project Teamwork, 7.5 credits, autumn 2016

In this course, groups of 6-8 students carry out a larger software development project for an external (i.e. from a company, organization or some other part of MDH) client. The project work includes establishing requirements, designing and implementing the system, and testing the result. Each part of the work is documented and presented to the other groups. The project groups are responsible for organizing and planning the work, and for the contacts with the clients. To help them, the groups have weekly meetings with the course assistants/teachers.


(Old news at the bottom of the page)

2017-02-08 Grading done for the last group as well. Also, the course analysis (including a summary of the course evaluation results) is available.

2017-02-01 Grading done for all groups except one, since their final delivery to the client was delayed.

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Instructions and information

Teachers and staff

 Name Role Room
Jan Carlson Responsible teacher, examiner U1-066a
Juraj Feljan Course assistant

Old news

2017-01-11 Information about the three remaining tasks:

2017-01-09 Presentation schedule for the final presentation added to the presentations page.

2016-12-19 Note that the meetings today are in a different room (schedule).

2016-12-12 As discussed in the meetings today, the last weekly meeting os optional. If you as a group decide that you don't need the meeting, let us know as soon as possible (latest on Thursday) and you will instead be asked to provide a short written status report.

2016-12-12 Feedback on the second presentation sent to the project managers for distribution to the rest of the group.

2016-12-06 Presentation schedule for the second presentation added to the presentations page. Note that we will just have a short break this time.

2016-11-26 Feedback on the project plan and requirements presentations sent to the project managers for distribution to the rest of the groups.

2016-11-17 Added information about grading and passing the course.

2016-11-15 It is a good idea to assign one person to take notes from the weekly meetings with the steering group, to make sure that you don't miss any feedback or repeat the same mistakes next week.

2016-11-15 The schedule has been adjusted (for the three project presentations) since there are only 5 projects this year.

2016-11-15 Added the project groups page.

2016-11-08 Added information about deliverables and presentations.

2016-11-08 Added information about some of the tools you will use (specifically Trello and Subversion/Git).

2016-11-07 Added slides from the project startup.

2016-11-07 Added information about the weekly meetings.

2016-10-19 Note that all scheduled time is mandatory in this course (except the Important information on October 26). In particular, the first week is very crucial since the project work starts already the first Monday, and you will most likely have your first meetings with the customer in this week.

015-10-26 Added the project list and sign-up instructions.

2016-10-26 Added the course information slides from the information meeting today.

2016-10-19 Since there were many questions about this last year, it might be good to write it here: In this course, the project groups are formed by the course staff, and not by the students. Before the course starts, we will provide some information about the available projects, and then students can indicate which projects they prefer. Based on this, and other factors, we will put the teams together.

2016-10-19 Course page created.