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These descriptions are based on the initial information provided by the clients, and in some cases the scope or the focus of the project will be altered somewhat in order to better fit the course and/or the group. The listed useful skills and knowledge are not strict requirements, but give an indication what type of languages or technologies the client have in mind in cases when this has been specified.

Project 1: CoPilot driver statistics

Client: Volvo Construction Equipment

Project description:

Volvo Construction Equipment has recently released a secondary information display (named CoPilot) for usage in vehicles like excavators, wheel loaders, etc. The CoPilot is an Android based tablet with the custom made additions such that the apps executed on it have the ability to receive information from the actual machine (speed, direction, load, etc.). The group should develop an app for the Co-Pilot that should measure the time, speed, fuel consumption, load weight etc. and calculate a score that is used in a high score list. The app should be able to present the current data and score to the driver, and historic data should be able accessible through a backoffice server (cloud server). The current high score list and data should also be published in a web portal.
Useful skills and knowledge: Java, Android development

Project 2: Solar energy calculator

Client: Future Energy Center, MDH

Project description:

The Future Energy Center research specialization at Mälardalen University has in a previous project developed detailed models to analyse investment decisions for photovoltaic plants in Sweden. The task in this project is to develop a web-based tool to support different stakeholders, such as companies and private persons, to determine what investments in solar energy are suitable for them based on a number of default parameters that can be adjusted by the user. Since the general knowledge of photovoltaic systems is low among potential investors, there is a strong need for a user friendly tool to calculate production cost and profitability.
Useful skills and knowledge: Web technologies (for example PHP, ASP, AJAX, etc.)

Project 3: Project management tool

Client: Robotdalen

Project description:

Robotdalen runs a number of projects aimed to enable commercial success of new robot solutions for industry, service and health care. The task of this project is to develop a web based project management tool that they can use internally, replacing the current Excel-based workflow. The tool should include a dashboard giving an overview of all ongoing and potential projects, a streamlined tool to quickly go through all active projects and update their status information during the weekly "pulse" meeting, and administration functionality to manage the projects.
Useful skills and knowledge: Modern web technologies (e.g. node.js, ASP.NET, Django, React and Bootstrap)

Project 4: Radar visualization

Client: Maximatecc

Project description:

Maximatecc develops interactive display computers for e.g. heavy vehicles. Their software development platform LinX Software Suite allows easy configuration to display information from different sources, including vehicle sensors, camera feeds, etc. The aim of the project is to extend this with the possibility to present radar information, as a separate visualization or as an overlay on top of a camera feed. The group should develop an application that can interpret radar data on a CAN bus, and represent it graphically to the user.
Useful skills and knowledge: C++, QT/QML

Project 5: Room allocation planner

Client: IDT/MDH

Project description:

The school of innovation, design and engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University consists of approximately 160 researchers and teachers in Västerås. In addition, a number of researchers are affiliated with the university through temporary projects but not formally employed, and there are many research and teacher visits ranging from just a few days to several months. This makes room allocation a complicated and tedious task. The task of this project is to develop a tool to help the administrators get an overview of available and occupied rooms over time, in graphical and textual form. For employees, the tool should synchronize with the central staff database, and for other staff categories it should be possible to manage the current room allocation and also make plans for the future.