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Welcome you all people who have found me via Alta Vista, NetVet, Searchengines, Yahoo, The mailinglist, the ring or by just plain surfing. My name (the guy who runs this page) is Filip Sebek and if you poke around on this site you will probably know more about me.
So once again: Welcome to my ratty pages and to Mälardalen University in Västerås in this not so relaxed part of the galaxy.

This is my contribution to the WWW...

Rattus the WWW-version. Over 14600 rats in a database !
dotrat - a project related to the database - how to make ONE pedigree for all 14600 rats graphically.
The 10 most frequently asked ratquestions - FAQ
Ratbase for Windows by Francina Pijl (partly mirrored here).
More Clubs - national and international for rats and mice (and more...).
Other rodent clubs
SRS show standard (colours and varies - budget version)
pic on a rat skeleton Abacus RatStud ([swedish flag] almost all text in Swedish)
Mailinglist about rats (some information).
My parents found this beer/cider-tray at a pub when they were in England.
Is this what you associate when you hear the word rat???

Apollonia's Rhenium with her kittens... [Ratpic. Rhenium with kittens.] and...

[Ratpic; Arvid] a rat named Arvid af Araucana in his favourite position.

More ratty pictures

I know my contributions aren't enough so I have some links to other sites as well...

[Roaring rat pic] Swedish Rat Society - SRS
The Swedish rat mailing list - in Swedish !
SVEMUS - Swedish Mouse Club
R.M.C.A Rat & Mouseclub of America's impressive homepage
Ratbase for windows by Francina Pijl.
Christian Viklund's list of rat links.
Abban's ratstud
Nightcrawler's rattery Cicci Dahlström
Avital Adah Rodal's rat Toad.
Brian C.Lee has some rats.
Monica Bjerke in Norway have three rats...
Mia Bruksman - a Swedish ratfan with orchid and tea collection...
rat house reality - a great house to rats...
Henderica Lammertsma's Rat Page

Well not always rats but small mammals always fascinates me...
The Gerbil FAQ
Electronic Zoo/NetVet - Rodents (but all animals available (very good pages))
Flora-for-fauna homepage.
ACME pet

Hedgehogs on Brian MacNamara's homepage.
FLORA-for-FAUNA hedgehog pages.
Hhog FAQ by Brian MacNamara (this is a mirror site).
McGary's hedgehog homepage

If you think someone/something is missing, an URL should be added or removed; don't hesitate to contact me.

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