SAIS, the Swedish Asociation of Artificial Intelligence
Board member of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (chair Maj 2006- Maj 2010) SAIS

Books & Journals
Case-Based Reasoning on Images and Signals, Perner (ed), Funk&Xiong Chapter: Extracting Knowledge from Sensor Signals for Case-Based 38 pages

Co-author of chapter in book: Case-Based Reasoning on Images and Signals, Petra Perner (eds). Hard back, 2007, Springer. Don't miss the opportunity: special price on Amazon!

SCAI2008 Organizing committee for SCAI2008, 10th Scandinavian conference on Artificial Intelligence, Stockholm, Sweden

Guest editor, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, IOS Press 2006, P. Funk and L. Spaanenburg. Volume 17, Number 4 / 2006

SAIS 2005 Program Chair/Organiser of SAIS-SSLS 2005, the yearly Swedish AI and Learning Systems event (3 days). Held in Västerås 12-14 April 2005.
Springer LNAI Book

Peter Funk, Pedro A. González Calero (eds). Advances in Case-Based Reasoning. 822 pages, 2004, Springer LNAI 3155, ISBN: 3-540-22882-9.

ECCBR 2004 Conference and Program Chair of ECCBR 2004 (7th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning) with Pedro A. Gonzalez Calero

Per Kreuger, Anders Hols, Peter Funk (eds.), Tenth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence SCAI 2008, 230 pp., hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-58603-867-0

Peter Funk, Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson, Ning Xiong (eds.). Proceedings for SAIS-SSLS 2005, 265 pp, Västerås Sweden.

Award from Emerald Publishing for Journal Publication

Peter Funk * Professor * School of Innovation , Design and Engineering * Mälardalen University * SE-721 23 Västerås * Sweden * Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems Group * Tele: +46 2110 3153 * Mobil: +46 70333 9150 * Fax: +46 70611 9150

Short biography:

Peter Funk is professor at Mälardalen University where he is located since 1999. He established and leads the Artificial Intelligence group, one of the university's more successful research groups recognized both nationally and internationally and one of the key groups in one of the university's six prioritized research areas, Intelligent Sensor Systems. Dr Funk is leading and participates in a number of research projects in collaboration with public and private sector organizations, and supervises a number of PhD students. He received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University, one of the leading Universities in AI. He moved to Mälardalen University after 13 years research for Ericsson focusing on applied research with artificial intelligent. His main research focus is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical and industrial applications, which offer great challenges for AI researchers to solve. Dr. Funk's research includes the use of AI methods and techniques including case-based reasoning, intelligent and adaptive systems, information fusion, genetic algorithms, ANN providing a framework for successful research solving previously unsolved problems. He has since 2000 lead and participated in a number of projects (mainly as main applicant and project leader and funded by KKS, SSF Proviking, EU, Vinnova and industry and in total more than €5 million in funding) and has been awarded a number of prizes and one patent. 2006-2010 Peter Funk was the elected chair of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS).

Scientific Publications (on official home page):

  • Follow this link for publication list (more than 70 peer reviewed scientific publications including
    more than 13 journal papers/book chapters/books)

    Journals (2005-2011):
    • Case-Based Reasoning Systems in the Health Sciences: A Survey of Recent Trends and Developments , Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Mia Folke, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics--Part C: Applications and Reviews, IEEE, December, 2011
    • A Multi-Module Case Based Biofeedback System for Stress Treatment, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol 51, nr 2, p107-115, ELSEVIER, February, 2011
    • Case-Based Reasoning Applied to Geometric Production Measurements, Ella Olsson, Peter Funk, Alf Andersson (Volvo Car Corporation Manufacturing Engineering), International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management, vol Accepted for publishing, Springer, February, 2011
    • A Case-Based Decision Support System for Individual Stress Diagnosis Using Fuzzy Similarity Matching, Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele, Computational Intelligence (CI), vol 25, nr 3, p180-195(16), Blackwell Publishing, August, 2009
    • Case-Based Systems in the Health Sciences - A Case Study in the Field of Stress Management, Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Peter Funk, WSEAS Transactions on Systems, vol 8, nr 1109-2777, p344-354, WSEAS , March, 2009
    • Agent-Based Monitoring using Case-Based Reasoning for Experience Reuse and Improved Quality, Ella Olsson, Peter Funk, Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, Emerald Journals, February, 2009
    • Case-based Reasoning for Diagnosis of Stress using Enhanced Cosine and Fuzzy Similarity, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Bo von Schéele, Transactions on Case-Based Reasoning on Multimedia Data, vol 1, nr 1, p3-19, IBaI Publishing, ISSN: 1864-9734, October, 2008
    • Case Based Reasoning and Knowledge Discovery in Medical Applications with Time Series, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong, Computational Intelligence, vol 22, nr 3-4, p238-253, Blackwell Publishing, November, 2006
    • Building similarity metrics reflecting utility in case-based reasoning, Ning Xiong, Peter Funk, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, guest editors: P. Funk, L. Spaanenburg, vol 17, nr 4, p407-416, IOS Press, August, 2006
    • Construction of Fuzzy Knowledge Bases Incorporating Feature Selection, Ning Xiong, Peter Funk, Journal of Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications, vol 10, nr 9, p796-804, Spring Verlag, July, 2006
    • Intelligent Buffer Storage System – Enabling Fast and Flexible Assembling with Industrial Robots, (external), Peter Funk, Milun Milic (ABB Automation), Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, p8, IOS Press, March, 2006
    • Clinical decision-support for diagnosing stress-related disorders by applying psychophysiological medical knowledge to an instance-based learning system, Markus Nilsson (former), Peter Funk, Erik M. G. Olsson (Dept. of Psychology, Uppsala University), Bo von Schéele (PBMStressMedicine AB), Ning Xiong, Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, vol 36, nr 2, p156-176, Elsevier, November, 2005
    • Fault Diagnosis in Industry Using Sensor Readings and Case-Based Reasoning, E. Olsson, P. Funk, N. Xiong, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, vol Vol. 15, ISSN 1064-1, p10, IOS Press, December, 2004

Service to Research Community (only recent tasks):

Commission of trust:

  • Invited speeker,
  • Key-note Speaker at NAIS 2009 Trondheim, Norway 23 November 2009
  • Organising committee of 10th Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, SCAI2008 . Stockholm 26-28 May 2008.
  • Elected Director of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS) 2006-2010.
  • Program Chair/Organiser of SAIS-SSLS 2005, the yearly Swedish AI and Learning Systems event (3 days). Held in Västerås 12-14 April 2005.
  • Conference and Program Chair of ECCBR 2004, 7th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning.
  • Scientific advisor for project at FOI, Swedish defence organisation 2004-2005
  • Promoter (with Sture Hägglund) for the Swedish Artificial Intelligence network at the Swedish Computer Society (Dataföreningen i Sverige)
  • In examination board for PhD viva for Christopher Johansson (KTH October 2006), Jenny Nyström January 2006, ISt, MdH,
  • External Examiner and opponent for PhD Dónal Doyle, The University of Dublin, Trinity College, December 2005
  • External Examiner and opponent for PhD Keith Bradley, National University of Ireland/UCD, Ireland, 2004 (approved examiner by the National University of Ireland 2003).
  • Examiner, opponent and member of examination board for licentiate degrees at numerous occasions, Stockholm university and Mälardalen university.
  • Evaluator/Advisor for a number of promotions to assistant and associate professor in Sweden and US.

    PhD students ongoing:

  • Tomas Olsson, main supervisor in collaboration with Volvo CE and SICS, diagnostics and prognostics based on sensor readings (sound & dimensional data) from manufacturing.
  • Taha Khan, main supervisor in collaboration with Dalarnas Högskola, computerized diagnosis of Parkinson's disease symptoms.
  • PhD students completed:

  • Mobyen Ahmed, main supervisor, PhD 2011. Hybrid decision support systems based on CBR, IR, textual CBR and time series.
  • Shahina Begum, main supervisor, PhD 20 June 2011. AI in classification and diagnosis.
  • Ella Olsson, main supervisor, PhD completed September 2009. Case-based experience reuse in industrial applications.
  • Marcus Bengtsson, co-supervisor, PhD completed 2008.
  • Markus Nilsson, main supervisor, PhD completed August 2005. AI/CBR in medical Applications.
  • Baran Çürüklü, co-supervisor, PhD completed may 2005.
  • Rikard Lindell, co-supervisor, licentiate thesis 2005.
  • Mikael Sollenborn, main supervisor, licentiate thesis 2004. User modeling, Collaborative Filtering

Awards, Funding and Prizes:

  • ESS-H, responsible for artificial intelligence in KKS-profile 2013-2017
  • EU FP7 Pain-Out, resposible for work package 4, Decition Support in Clinical Applications, 2009-2011,
  • SSF ProViking II, InMaint 2009-2012 (with Luleå)
  • Startup company nominated for "inovator of the year", regional price. Algoriths based on Peter Funks research and participation.
  • ProEK, Sparbanksstiftelsen Nya, 2007-2008
  • EU Mål 2, 2007, Web tool for Experience Sharing and Reuse amongst Small and Medium Sized Companies
  • Robotdalen funding, 2006-2007, Research leader, Intelligent Human Robot Interaction
  • Funding from Vetenskapsrådet Västmanland for Patent application.
  • Winner of SSF ProViking Utlysning III (main applicant Mats Jackson) 2004
  • SSF ProViking awarded project funding for ExAct, Intelligent Experience Reuse in Industry, 2004-2007
  • Awarded funding for 3 year project 2004-2007, main applicant professor Ylva Bäcklund
  • Nominated to "samverkanslärare 2003" at Mälardalens University
  • Prize, winner of Mälardalen University's innovation competition, Idetävling >2002< (IdéLab, price value 14.000 Euro to be used for further development of idéa :)
  • Competition open for all staff and students at MdH, best idea (uniqueness and commercial potential)
  • Prize from Idélab (local competition June 2002) for proposal of commercially interesting idea
  • An additional regional price (June 2002, ALMI Innovation Västmanlands Specialpris)
  • Funding of prototype development of idea from IdéLab 10.000 SEK, 2002
  • Elected by the computer science students to receive the "Computer Science Prize 2001"
    for his contributions to a prospering computer science area at the university

Research funding:

  • Sparbanksstiftelsen Nya, ”PROEK, Ökad Produktivitet och Livskvalitet Genom Minskad Stress” Effektiva metoder, tekniker och system för tidig stressdiagnos och stresshantering inom företag: 2007-01-01 - 2008-12-31 (1 PhD student, main applicant: Peter Funk)
  • The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), ProViking program Project nr: V03.16 Project name: ExAct, Intelligent experience reuse in industrial applications, project duration: 2004-01-01 - 2007-12-31 (5 PhD student, main applicant: Peter Funk)
  • The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), ProViking program, Project name: Factory in a Box, duration: 2005-01-01 - 2007-10-31 (main applicant: Mats Jacksson)
  • EU mål 2 and Länsstyrelsen i Västmanlands län, Project name: EKEN, Effektiv Kunskaps- och Erfarenhetsåtervinning i näringslivet, project duration: 2006-09-31 - 2007-09-31 (1 research engineer, main applicant: Peter Funk)
  • Robotdalen, Intelligent Human Robot interaction, project duration: 2006-10-31 - 2007-05-31 (academic leader/investigator: Peter Funk)
  • The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS): Intelligent, integrated sensor systems for diagnosis, treatment and health care (KKS Dnr 2004/0341). 3 years (1 PhD student, main applicant: Ylva Bäcklund, main supervisor: Peter Funk), 2005-2007.
  • The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS) and PBM Stressmedicine AB: Case Based Reasoning and Artificial intelligence for decision support for medical decision support system in stress treatment. (KKS Dnr 2001/0068a) 2002-2005, (1 PhD student and 1 Lic student, main applicant: Peter Funk)
  • The Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KKS) and Eyescream AB: Modelling, collaborative filtering, case-based reasoning for flexible, adaptive, “intelligent” interfaces (KKS Dnr 2001/0068b) 2002-2003 (1 Lic jointly with 2001/0068a, main applicant: Peter Funk)
  • Swedish Knowledge Foundation and Ericsson: Artificial intelligence methods and architectures for telecommunication applications. (KKS MRTC99/05) 1999-2001 (2 research engineers)
  • TeknIQ and PBM Stressmedicine: Artificial intelligence for medical applications, 2001.
  • Vinnova and Eyescream AB: personalisation and learning systems for e-learning and marketing applications. 2001
  • Västmanlands Forsknings- och Utvecklingsråd (patent funding 50)
  • IdeLab (price for innovation 100.000 kr, commercialisation of innovation 50.000 kr)

Masters Thesis Projects looking for students:

Teaching/cours development/program:

  • 2001-2007, Founder and Director of Studies for the MIMA AI track (international Master program).
  • 2000-2007, starter and responsible for the Artificial Intelligence track in the computer Science Bachelore
  • Artificial Intelligence in depth module, CD5470
  • Artificial Intelligence introduction, CD5160
  • Case-Based Reasoning, CD5500
  • Programming in Logic module, CD5170
  • Philosophy of Computer Science, CD5650 (lecture in ethical issues in artificial intelligence).
  • Computers in Products, CT3510 (creative solutions with Artificial Intelligence)
  • Introduction to Game Development, FCD5630 (lecture on the relation between AI, games and interactive system).
  • Functional programming module, CD5100 (AI/Prolog and search part)
  • DREA project module, CT2710 (AI in robots part, search and game theory)
  • Numerous guest lecture, e.g. at IdéLab, popular sciences day, industrial seminars, rotary, ...
  • Head of studies in Masters Year with AI profile (2000-)
  • Responsible for AI profile in computer science education
  • Coordinator of Masters Thesis projects at department (2000-2001)

Press and Popular Science articles/radio/films (selection):

  • Självlärande algoritmer för dianostik och prognostik, SSF Proviking projekt 2008-2012 SSF Proviking i NyTeknik 2012
  • Dagensmedicin: Kliniskt beslutstödsystem för bättre smärtbehandlingDagensMedicin 2012-03
  • Podcast intervju (, mars 2008)
  • Sunt Liv, Artificiell Intelligens för diagos och behanling av stress, 2008
  • VLT 2007, Kunkskaps- och Erfarenhetsåteranvändning VLT2007.pdf
  • Underhåll och Driftsäkerhet, nr 2006/2, Framtidens vision: Självlärande maskiner som beställer sina egna reservdelar..., uod2006.pdf (5 Mb)
  • Dagens Medicin, Thema Medicinsk Teknik, HT2005, 20050901
  • Eskilstunakuriren,  20050514
  • Radio Sweden, interview by Gaby Katz for Edge, a program about Swedish science and technology news, 2005.
  • VLT (Västmanlands Läns Lanstidning)  vlt_20050418.pdf
  • Metro, 20050420.
  • Ny teknik, 20050210
  • Radio interview och Radio Västmanland 2004, P4 Stockholm 2005.
  • Film for the Swedish Knowledge Foundation 2004, selected as example of a successful research project (5 min vmv, 20Mb large).
  • VLT (Västmanlands Läns Lanstidning)  20031031 (2,2 Meg)
  • Aktuell Forskning & Utveckling, nummer 3/2003 (9.6 Meg)
  • Interview in Delphi 2003/1 (pdf, page 18-19)
  • Interview in Frontec Magazine 200303 (page 8-11)
  • Teknik & Vetenskap nr 2/2003 (page 53)
  • TeknIQ Årsbok 2003 (page 14-15)
  • Radio interview P4 Västmanland (2002, 2003)


  • Beside work I enjoys downhill skiing, photography (selected picture, se link), ice skating, science and research in general, philosophical/ethical/sociological issues and science fiction (many things classified as science fiction today will be tomorrows reality).
  • Photos by Peter Funk. Some pictures are also on Västeråsportalen (Västerås hamn) and Stockholmsportalen.