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By the year 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team

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2006-01-27 Bremen - Qalification material

Requested qualification material for Robocup 2006 in Bremen, Germany is

  1. Movie showing the capabilities of the goalie
  2. Team Description Paper
  3. List of References to publications

    • Sharc2000, International DSP Conference Sept 11-13 2000, " An omnidirectional
    imaging system for robots", Lars Asplund

    •  Daniels, M. and Asplund, L. (2000) “Multi-Level Project Work; a Study in Collaboration”, IEEE Frontiers in Education conference, Kansas City , USA .

    • Robocup 2003 Padua: "ChipVision - A Vision System for Robots Based on Reconfigurable Hardware" - Johan Andrén-Dinerf et al

    • Robocup 2003 Padua: "Design of an Ultrasonic Vision System for Environmental Perception and Object Recognition in Robot Soccer", Theresa Carlstedt-Duke, Tony Gunnarsson, Patrick Mansén, and Lars Asplund

    • Robocup 2005 Osaka: " ChipVision II",   L Asplund et al.

    • Mechatronics workshop, Halmstad, Sweden 2005, "Optical CAN-bus"
    Lars Asplund

    • SIGAda 2005, Atlanta "Temporal Skeletons for Verifying Time"Gustaf Naeser, Kristina Lundqvist and Lars Asplund

    • Robocup 2006 submitted for publication : "Real–Time Hough using Reconfigurable
    Hardware", Lars Asplund, Henrik Bergkvist, and Isak Savo

  4. Team Composition
  • 1 Professor
  • 3 Master studentes
  • 5 undergraduate students


2005-07-05 Japan - Here we come

With less than a week left before departure, things are getting a bit hectic in the lab. The robots are starting to perform quite well, but there are much left to do. Hopefully, we will be done by sunday, when the plane for Japan leaves.

2005-07-04 Sponsors

We'd like to thank all the sponsors who bought ads in the local newspaper through us. You make it possible for us to go to Japan! Thank you. The ad was in the paper on the 4'th of July.

2005-04-28 Page updates

Created this news section where new stuff will be announced.

2005-04-28 Images from Germany

The Media page has been updated with pictures from German Open. There's also a page about the Robot Road Trip available.

Team Aros 2005

Team AROS consists of a group of students from Mälardalens University who are building and developing robots that can play soccer. The group is formed by students with specialities in different areas. The big goal is to be able to go to Japan and compete in the world championship in robotics soccer. In Japan we will compete and hopefully win the midsize leage and go back to sweden as world champions.

If you want to know more about us, please contact one of the team members.

Peter Wallin is responsible for the information on this page.