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Robot Road Trip

Our robots had a great time, doing a road trip from Västerås, Sweden to Paderborn in Germany for the German Open tournament. This is the their story.

With the route to Paderborn being 1200 kilometers, it is good that there were four of us that could take turns in driving. We drew straws and it turned out to be lucky number 1 that had to drive the first part. R3 volunteered as a co-driver/map reader. Let the journey begin!


We decided to take a short lunch break just outside of Malmö to re-charge our batteries before going into Denmark. Max serves perfect robot food. R4 did the strategic move to order way to much food and was unable to drive when it was his turn. We all speculate that this was intentional from his side...

We took the bridge over Öresund, and quickly drove through the southern parts of Denmark. While waiting for the the ferry to take us between Rödby and Puttgarden, we met up with a couple of other robots. They didn't say much, and we got the impression that they didn't like us. At least R1 managed to get a group picture with them.

Waving our new friends good bye, we took of on autobahn heading south, towards our hotel in Paderborn. The remaining 600 km of German country side passed by in lightning speed and we arrived safely in "Landhause Jägerkrug".

It was nice to be able to freshen up before the games the day after. We were all very tired and after a quick shower, we all went to bed.

Getting some well deserved rest.

Waking up and inhaling the first fresh breath of Germany air we were definitely ready for some soccer action. We all agreed on the fact the second place is the first looser and there was no question that we aimed for a gold medal in this tournament. The picture below should speak for itself:

Unfortunately, we never got that gold medal - not even silver or bronze. To be completely honest, we didn't even win a single game.

What's left now is practice and more practice before the next big tournament: The World Championships in Japan. Surely we will win the gold there, no question about it!

Written by: Robot 2 - Team AROS

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