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Team Members

Name: Lars Asplund
Occupation: Team Leader
Misc: Lars is a professor in computer science. He's supervised research groups within physics, electronics, distributed systems, realtime systems and learning systems. Lars has written nine books about electronics and his largest interest in his sparetime is old Citroén cars.
Name: Peter Wallin
Occupation: Project Leader, Software, Strategy
Misc: Peter is on his last year of a MCs program in computer science. His main interests are real-time embedded systems and distributed programming. When not bulding soccer playing robots Peter is participating in all kinds of sports, mostly running and cross country skiing.
Name: Erik Engman
Occupation: Mechantronics
Misc: Erik is in the end of his third year at the Mechatronic program. His main interrest after school is sports, XBOX playing and spend time with his friends.
Name: Erik Hellström
Occupation: Software, AI
Misc: On his fifth year of the computer science program Eriks main interest is Software Engineering, especially system architecture.
Name: Henrik Bergkvist
Occupation: Stereo Vision
Misc: Henrik is working on the vision system for the robot and hopes to be done with his master thesis this spring. On his free time he watches TV and likes to play boardgames. He also used to play the accordion.

Henrik is 27 years old and is 1,84m tall, weighs ~95kg and has shoesize 45.
Name: Hüseyin Ayhan Aysan
Occupation: AI, Image
Misc: Huseyin is studying master's programme in robotics. His main interest is Image Processing. During his spare time he is busy with photography and many kinds of sports especially cycling and running. He is enthusiastic about learning new things.
Name: Håkan Hammarström
Occupation: Mechatronics
Misc: Håkan is studying his third year at the Mechatronic program.
Main interrests are Electronics, motor vehicles and technical stuff in general.
Name: Isak Savo
Occupation: VHDL, Embedded
Misc: Prefers VHDL and c programming, but is pretty flexible to work with other things aswell!
Name: Janne Kronbäck
Occupation: AI, Image
Misc: Janne hopes to be finished with his University studies within a year, which includes a 20 week thesis after summer 2005. Hopefully within the field of Real-Time Systems and/or Safety-Critical Systems, which are his interests. On his free time he feels very guilty about not working with anything and thereby starts working again.
Name: Johnny Ekervall
Occupation: Mechatronics
Misc: Johnny are intrested in car engines and car electronics, in his sparetime he often helps his freinds whit ther cars and electronical problems.
Name: Jörgen Lidholm
Occupation: VHDL, Embedded
Misc: Prefers coding in VHDL and working with hardware related tasks.
Name: Sayed Abbas Ali
Occupation: Mechatronics, Embedded
Misc: Being a MIMA student it’s really a good experience for me to work on this project, in this project I will contribute in programming and the strategy part.
My interests include Cricket, Badminton and off-course Soccer.
Name: Martin Liljemark
Occupation: Mechatronics
Misc: Martin is currently doing the third and last year at the Mecatronic's program. Of course, his interested in electronics and robots. He also like to do practical things.
Name: Anders Thunell
Occupation: Mechatronics
Misc: Anders is finishing his last year at the Mecatronic program. He likes to fix stuff and to build robots. Electronics is his biggest interrest. At his free time he plays the Trumpet.
Name: Thomas Nordh
Occupation: Stereo Vision
Peter Wallin is responsible for the information on this page.