Robotics Program

A short description of the program

Master of Science program in robotics provides knowledge to design future robots. You will get familiar with mechanical building blocks and how to “see, feel and hear”, ie how a robot perceives its environment. The use of computers and programming, in particular, how the computer can make decisions and then control the mechanical parts is a central part of education. The final part of the education deepens your knowledge in the field you find most interesting and in a comprehensive project course you will, together with other students, build one or more robots. We start early in the program with a project course to demonstrate the breadth of robotics. It makes it easier to understand what you need to learn for yourself to be as competent or more proficient when it comes to your own projects. Through the various projects in your education you are provided with training in both theoretical foundation and in engineering approach.

Within this program the robotics center is giving the following courses:

More information about the program can be found at the official page of the Master program in Robotics at Mälardalens University.

Please follow program student Anton Fosseius blog for reports from his stay in Shanghai.

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