Sub Sea Sniffer – S3

A research environment will be established that includes four research groups, three at Mälardalen University and one at Örebro University. The research groups have extensive research experience in robotics, AI, sensor technology and artificial noses.

The challenge for the research environment is to work with future under water sensor systems that can detect in the first phase TNT, and later also other environmental toxins. A special focus is to find contamination in oceans, lakes and rivers. There are no simple sensors for these types of substances, but through different processes it is possible to detect them. It is also possible that with different types of AI methods and a combination of sensors to device reliable detectors for these hazardous substances.

The research environment also includes research on underwater robotics.  Especially research in sensors for underwater use, stereovision and ultrasonic technologies and methodologies to enable the use of underwater robots for large areas. Research in stereovision will support both navigation and identification of items. Primarily, cameras for the visible range will be used, but the broadening of the IR may be a way to cope with difficult environments.

Especially, sensor systems for future use of robots will be required to be fully autonomous and able to run the operation for a long time under water.

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