SERPS’05 Program

Department of Computer Science and Electronics (IDE)

Room Kappa (see page 7)



Day 1: 2005-10-20




Opening, Keynote I, Christer Norström


Session I – CASE STUDIES. Session Chair Peter Öhman


A case study on quality monitoring in a highly iterative software development process”, Carina Andersson and Per Runeson

A Study on Prioritisation of Impact Analysis Issues: A Comparison Between Perspectives”, Per Jönsson and Claes Wohlin

Software Systems In-House Integration Strategies: Merge or Retire – Experiences from Industry, Rikard Land, Laurens Blankers, Stig Larsson, and Ivica Crnkovic




Session II – Software Lifecycle Management. Cession Chair  Kristian Sandahl


Forming Consensus on Testability in Software Developing Organizations, Frans Mårtensson, Håkan Grahn, and Michael Mattsson

Requirements on Maintainability of Software Systems - An Investigation of the State of the Practice, Jens Gustavsson and Magnus Österlund.

Different Conceptions in Software Project Risk Assessment, Martin Höst and Christin Lindholm


Coffee break


Session III – Engineering Software Quality. Session Chair Michael Mattsson


The Accuracy of Early Fault Prediction in Modified Code, Piotr Tomaszewski, Lars Lundberg, and Håkan Grahn.

Modeling and Visualizing Security Properties of Code using Dependence Graphs, John Wilander

On Performance of Static Pattern Detection”, Niklas Pettersson

Dynamic Race Detection for Operating Systems, Lars Albertsson and Karl Marklund.


Steering committee meeting





Day 2: 2005-10-21


Keynote II, Charlotte Brogren


Session IV - Simulation and Modeling. Session Chair Kristian Sandström


Simulation of Experiments for Data Collection - a replicated study, Per Runeson and Mattias Wiberg

Testing Implementations of Formally Verified Algorithms, Thomas Arts, Koen Claessen, John Hughes, and Hans Svensson

Design abstraction of formal requirements models within the UML, Lars Pareto


Coffee break


Discussion panel –Maintainability research - state and future strategies. Panelists: Mira Kajko-Mattsson, Per Runeson, Kristian Sandahl, Stig Larsson. Moderator: Ivica Crnkovic

12:15 -13:30



Session V – Engineering dependability, Session Chair Martin Höst


Software Component Services for Embedded Real-Time Systems”, Frank Lüders, Daniel Flemström and Anders Wall.

An Empirical Quality Assessment of Automotive Use cases, Fredrik Törner, M. Ivarsson, F. Pettersson, and P. Öhman.

Sensitivity of System Reliability to Usage Profile Changes, Kim Weyns and Per Runeson.

An Initial Study of an Automotive Software Engineering Laboratory”, Martin Ivarsson, Fredrik Pettersson, and Peter Öhman.


Coffee break

16:00-17:15 Thesis presentation


Framework for Reverse Engineering, Thomas Panas

A Framework for Construction and Deployment of Reactive Distributed Computations, Morgan Ericsson

Product Data Management and Software Data Management Integration, Annita Presson Dahlqvist

Efficient and Flexible Characterization of Data Locality through Native Execution Sampling, Erik Berg

Improving Software Product Integration, Stig Larsson

A Software Component Technology for Vehicle Control Systems, Mikael Åkerholm

A component-based development framework for supporting functional and non-functional analysis in control system design, Johan Fredriksson



Closing session